Divine Twine

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's been a day. You know those ones? The days when you wake up with really no expectations, but hoping for something great, and then the day just happens?

Work -- meh.
Traffic -- terrible.
A minor meltdown by yours truly -- inevitable.
Make dinner -- out of the question.
Alternative? Chipotle with husband. (Delicious).

Luckily, the future can only get brighter from here. I am taking the day off tomorrow and have a fun holiday party to look forward to. And also putting my Divine Twine to use. These pretty little rolls came in the mail this week, and just looking at those colors makes me a very, very happy girl.

I bought the twine from www.cutetape.com, a website filled with lots and lots of other fun supplies I would love to get my hands on sometime (aka: washi tape, stamps, labels, stickers, and more!)

Think of all the crafting possibilities! It gives a plain-o jane-o project some flare and personality. I even used the twine to complete some Christmas gifts. (Which I can show you post Christmas time... wouldn't want to ruin any surprises now would I?)

Here's to the little things that fill a blah/dreary day with color and happiness.


Rachel and Jason said...

Hey! I love you! I had a meltdown today, too. It was awful. But very necessary. Do you think our blogs could be best friends, maybe? It seems like they have lots in common. Here's to a better day tomorrow. Cheers!

Sada said...

Haha, I just took a photo this morning of my twine. We are such dorks! Hope you are having a better day!