Family Pictures

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You know how after you get married the only legit pictures you have of your family is in a wedding gown and tux? Yeah, that's our house now. I had been wanting to get some updated pictures  (sans wedding dress, of course), so a few weeks ago my good friend Sada snapped some photos of Russ and me. Sada's my partner in crime at work, but is obviously a photographer on the side. I mean come on, how many CPA's take your family pictures, eh? We went up to the Antique Rose Emporium in north San Antonio, which turned out to be a great location for pictures. I'll stop talking and let you decide.

 Camille: "Are you hungry, too?"
Russ: "Of course. Do you want to go get some Chick-fil-a after this?"
Camille: "Yes. One spicy chicken sandwich for me! And don't forget the Chick-fil-a sauce"

Believe it or not, this picture was totally candid. I have decided that Russ and I are the goofiest people when it comes to photoshoots. We laugh nearly the whole time. At least we have fun... I think Sada did, too :)

I'm kind of digging this blue wall behind us. And of course Russ's squinty eyes :)
Doesn't this picture below just scream Texas? Well I happen to like it.

 I'm slightly obsessed with this one. How about those colors in the leaves? I have Sada and her Photoshop skills to thank for those.
 It's like we like each other.
And that's all for now, folks. Pretty good, eh? We literally have Sada to thank for everything... she took us from drab to fab. Thanks again Sada! (Check her out HERE).


Sada said...

Well I first came to say - Thank you for being so sweet and then I seriously gasped at your new blog! I love it! (Ha, I am such a dork. Your new blog update is like the most exciting thing that has happened today in my life...)

JMay said...

I totally know what you mean! That's how our house is right now, we need to take more pics!

Your turned out great!!

Sheri Bird said...

I don't think you could take an ugly picture MEEEELIO..I DID DIG THE BLUE.....really.
love you,

and yes Ang it is 2:17 AM...last night of steroids...meelio, I am sending your mom a secret message from your blog. .because they are out to get me with a straight jacket. JK. :p

Danielle said...

Millers! I LOVE the pictures, your outfits, your face and Russell's squinty eyes! Also, I agree with liking the blue blog background. You're blog looks GREAT!

Sheri Bird said...
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angelamclaws said...

Love them all! Do I get a few??? They would make a great Christmas gift! Good job, Sada.

Oh, and LOL Sheri! Our favorite middle-of-the-night blogger.

Natalie said...

WOW! These pictures are beyond words great. I really like them! I agree with your mom Camille, I want one as a christmas gift. P.s... I have beent trying to get Russell to dress that good for years. I just needed you to make it happen. Well done.

Rachel and Jason said...

SO cute. I need to meet this Sada! Sounds like we have lots to talk about :) Really, they turned out super cute, Mill. It's weird to me that you're not in sweaters/vests/hats/gloves, though. It's like summer or something!

Marcella said...

I LOVE these! I am jealous! You guys really look fantastic. The colors you chose and location are beautiful. Sada did a wonderful job.

Steve and Jess said...

Um OK. You guys are the cutest couple EVER! Love it :)

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

WAY cute!! And I've never heard of that Rose Emporium before. Looks awesome! Cute couple.

Reeve family said...

I LOVE all the pictures! Your friend is talented! What a good looking couple!

Rachel and Jason said...

P.S. I copied your cute blog design. I hope you don't mind? Love ya!