Turkeys, Football, and Children

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

That title pretty much sums up our Thanksgiving day. We helped my mom make the most amazing orange rolls in Grandma's kitchen... and then us and the rolls high-tailed it to my Aunt and Uncle's -- the house of all the Thanksgiving action. Can I just say that my Grandma is absolutely beautiful?

Aunt Lisa did such an amazing job hosting Thanksgiving. She's a mom of 6 little ones, but still managed to throw together a coordinated, well-planned, and incredibly delicious meal. We even had two turkeys! One traditional, and one fried. Who here has had a fried turkey? It was my first, and I quite enjoyed it.

As I mentioned in the title, there were lots o' kiddos running around that house. You know how when there's a new toy everyone wants to play with it? Well Russ was the new toy this year. It was his first time being with all of the McLaws family, and the little girls especially seemed to take a liking to him. They prettied up his curly hair, and he was an awesome sport. I'm slightly obsessed with these pictures. The bottom left are Lisa's youngest -- the triplets. For every "cute" picture I took of them, they made me take a "goofy" picture. They like being goofy.

After the food was consumed and thoroughly enjoyed, we drove to the nearby park in the beautiful Palo Alto area and played a hearty game of football. I'm not necessarily a football player, but dang, I had fun. I think I even caught the ball once.

The bottom left picture is of our post-football activity. Back home for some gingerbread house making! Alea (another one of Lisa's cute kids), was my partner in crime with a vision in mind.

I was sad to see the day end. It encompassed everything a hearty American tradition should -- turkey, football, and family. How can one not be thankful?


Amanda Jones said...

Looks like you had a great time! I am a bit jealous that you played football afterward.. they did that on my favorite TV show Parenthood ( and also one of my favorite movies... Dan in Real Life) and I have always wanted to play a game of football with the fam!

B said...

your pictures are sweet! Nice purchase. Can you send me that one of me and grandma - actually all of your photos? please!

Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas sis.

Elyse said...

Fun! I love the pics of Rus' makeover :) haha. What a good sport!