The Lewis Family

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today was a happy day! Not only did I see that mini Cadbury eggs are already in the stores, but I also was able to fit in a quick run, I met a new friend, and got the mail. Usually mail isn't that exciting, except when a CD you have been eagerly anticipating is included! Us Lewis kids decided to give my mother and father in-law a little different Christmas gift -- the gift of family pictures!

We had the lovely and talented Laura take our pictures. Laura took the photos of my bridal shower a while back, and she also did all the flowers for our wedding. Needless to say, I knew we could count on her. Laura is a good friend of my sisters, but I think I can call her a friend as well, especially since we got to meet up for a while in London. :)

Anyway, Utah was fridgidly cold that week... I'm talking single digit numbers... but somehow she managed to capture some really great shots, with runny and cold noses and all. Here are some of my favorites:

It was obviously a boot day for the girls.

I love this shot of Russ and his siblings. They obviously love each other. :)

Marcella with her new baby, Brigham. This picture captures motherly love perfectly. So sweet.

This is the whole group -- definitely a lot of bodies to keep happy in such balmy weather :) I was especially impressed with how Laura somehow got the little ones to cooperate.

It took a little bit for Benny to warm up, but once he did we were all good to go. He sure knows how to work the camera. :)
It's a miracle you can't see our red-tipped noses. It was so stinkin' cold... especially for a weak Texas resident like me.

Look at that face. I'm telling you, little Lucy melts my heart like butter.

The Lewis girls -- me, Natalie, Marcella, and Argelia. How come I'm always the one person not looking at the camera?

Anyway, thank you so much, Laura! I hope we can run into each other again sometime soon. Hey, if you want to make it somewhere out of the country, I really wouldn't mind one bit. :)


B said...

beautiful pictures of beautiful people - how could you go wrong?

Laura Lucille said...

i'm so glad you like them! it was a bit dicey there in the freezing weather and all, but everyone stuck it out like champs.what a beautiful family!

i like this whole international meet up situation we got goin' on. sounds so cool.

Jessy Carlisle said...

I'm so glad you married into the Lewis fam.... now we will know eachother forever, regardless of if you want to or not:)