The Little Man in Action

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remember the "Little Man Onesie" from the previous post? I made one for Brigham, our little nephew, for Christmas. He loved it so much he had his mom put it on him for his big day of getting blessed. Okay, just kidding, he doesn't talk yet. Actually, all he does is sit in your lap, occasionally smile, act perfectly calm, and pretty much be the most well-behaved baby ever. {Please note, I haven't really been around that many babies. I may be exaggerating.}

Either way, I thought I would show you the Little Man Onesie in action. He's lookin' pretty shnazy, no?

This picture is also the perfect example of why I love little Lucy and her cheesy smiles.

... I think she gets that quality from her Unlce Russ. :)


Ashton + Brian said...

you have such cute nephews and a niece!! more on your side of the fam?

Marcella said...

OH WOW!!! They are SO CUTE!!! They must have beautiful parents!