A Snowy New Years Eve

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We closed out 2010 in the best way possible--on top of a mountain. I believe this was how we brought in the year last year as well, so heck, I think we're going to make this a tradition. We went to the Canyons Resort, which is a resort I had never ventured to in my many years in Utah. When there are up to 8 resorts to choose from, some get overlooked. Luckily we had such a good time at the Canyons, we went twice this week. With two feet of powder and an enormous mountain, my legs are now officially rubber. 

The reason Stuart (my brother-in-law) and I are laying in the snow as opposed to snowboarding in it, is because we had just gotten done hiking to the top of the peak (over 10,000 feet above sea level! whew!), riding down the face through the un-tracked powder, and were now trying to get out of the backwoods. We needed a breather. Thanks for the adventure, Stu.

The day we didn't go skiing we went snowshoeing. My snowshoes have been in a basement here in Utah for a few years, so it was good to give them some action. It was fun climbing to the top of the peak, looking out and seeing nothing but mountains. It really puts things in perspective, ya know? Goodness, what an amazing place.

I have to give props to my mom. She dominates mountains and knee-deep powder like the rest of 'em. I think she's pretty cool.

I also really happen to like my sister. We had fun when Russell proposed a "family athletic competition" to see who could run the furthest through knee-deep powder. When Russ yelled "go," Brittney and I made it about 2 feet before we sunk through the snow and ended up in a good ol' white-washed face-plant.

Bottom line: I miss snow and mountains. I am in my happy place on top of a mountain surrounded by nature's beauty and the opportunity to escape from the noisy and busy world. I'm glad I could bring in 2011 the right way. 2010 was a great year filled with growing moments and fun times. I can only imagine what is in store for 2011. Let's make the most of it, shall we?


Sean said...

im just glad i got to see you! what a treat. looks like you're having a great time. miss you already friend.

Reeve family said...

Looks like fun!!!