Craft Shenanigans

Monday, January 10, 2011

In the hustle and bustle of everything I realized I failed to update you on some other fun crafts I have done. Most of these resulted from the awesome craft night I had in December.

#1 - Yellow Flower Wreath. Brittney was the lucky receiver of this wreath, but I keep thinking of it and am planning on making myself one sometime this week.

#2 - The Shoe Clips. I know I already posted about these, but now I am merely showing you one way they can be used. So many possibilities!

#3 - Little Man Onesies. That little bow-tie kills me. Obviously I didn't keep these (seeing as I do not have a child), but am still obsessed with them, nonetheless. In fact, I made a similar one for little girls a while back.

#4 - Flower Rosette Headband. Sada was the brains behind these little headbands, but if I can do 'em, you can, too my friends.

I'm kind of sad Christmas is over and I don't have legitimate excuses to spend hours upon hours making little crafts for family and friends. Although, I could easily justify spending some time making a tutorial if the demand is out there. Let me know if you want a step-by-step tutorial of any of these crafts or projects posted in the past!


..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

Ok Camille, I am NOT crafty at all, but you MUST teach me how to make some of the goods from the above list. These are the kind of crafts I could get into!! I think I have to make the little girl onesie, and that wreath is calling my name!

Rachel and Jason said...

Cute, cute and cute. Hey, do you want to get lunch sometime and catch up in a different way other than blog comments? Oh, wait. You live in Texas and I live in Washington. Lame. Someday?

Reeve family said...

I LOVE the shoe clips and the little man onesies!!!

Marcella said...

Love the crafts! I want to make that wreath! I am going to wear my shoe clips this Sunday! :) I just realized I have a great skirt that they will match. You are totally welcome to ANY picture you like on my blog! If you want you can let me know which one you want and I can email you the full size of it. I LOVE the one of you and Lucy and Brigham! Cute huh!

Becky and Heath said...

So cute! I would love a tutorial to show how to make any of those things! CUTE!

Elyse said...

Can you post how to make the wreath, too?? Man, you are SO crafty! I'm jealous. Everything I make turns out retarded.