Running Free

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've heard you're supposed to buy new running shoes every 3 - 6 months (or 300 - 500 miles), for an average "runner." So since I've had my faithful Saucony's for almost a year and a half, I thought it was about time for some new kicks. I have a few friends that have been running on Nike Free's for a while, so I thought I'd give them a try. Thanks to my mom's lovely Christmas gift, I'm now a new owner of some Free's.

I was hesitant at first, seeing as these shoes are considered a "minimal running shoe," which is a step closer to "barefoot running" with a little less arch support and whatnot. I've now run on these shoes 4 times, and so far I haven't had any support issues. But I can't get over how incredibly light they are! And this may be T.M.I. ("too much information"... for you non-acronymers), but the fact that the majority of the shoe is mesh makes my feet sweat WAY less than they ever have, which is great for my common blister conundrum. Oh, and they are uber comfortable. Like I kind of don't want to take them off. I must mention they run smaller than a lot of other running shoes I've tried on... in fact I went up a whole shoe size!

So based on the above information, I'd recommend these Nike Free's to anyone who's lookin' to try something new for their exercise routine. Or really a shoe to wear at all times of the day... which I'm now tempted to do. Call it a coincidence, but I ran a long run last night, and I shaved 10 minutes off of my previous 6 mile time. I was running free! :)


Rachel and Jason said...

I LOVE these shoes! Jase got me some for Christmas, and they are fabulous! Only mine are like neon green. Now if I could get my hip to stop hurting, I can aspire to be as good of a runner as you! And they are really cute with jeans, too. Just saying! Shoe buddies!

B said...

I like them too! Yay, good choice us.

Laura Lucille said...

i dislike running with a passion...but i really like the way these shoes look. maybe i should give running a second chance. :)