Russell Had a Party!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Russ turned another year older and wiser this past weekend. The main thing he wanted for his birthday was a big party. A big party with all his friends where we could grill and chill. So that's what we did. We had a big barbecue and had a blast. Mother Nature decided to cooperate and gave us a sunny 60 degree day in January. It was fabulous.

Burgers were eaten.
Balloons were popped.
New friendships were made.

We were so grateful to everyone who came. It was another good reminder of how blessed we are to have made such wonderful friends in Texas. You really can live anywhere as long as you have friends to rely on... and to party with of course.

Thanks again to everyone who came! We really had a fun time, and most importantly, Russ felt like "the man" as he got to hang out with his friends on his birthday.

In closing, I'd just like to say "Happy Birthday to Russ!"
I am grateful for Russell.
I'm glad he was born 27 years ago.
I hope his 27th year turns out to be the best yet. I think it just might be.

(PS. Isn't little McKinley Elise the cutest? I may be biased, as we share the same middle name. But no one can argue that her eyes suck you in, and she happily lets you hold her all day long.)

Ok, the end.


Megan Barrick said...

We had so much fun!!! Happy Birthday Russ, thanks for letting us party with you!

Candace said...

Happy birthday Russ! Looks like such a fun and fabulously decorated party.

..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

Thanks for having a birthday Russell, so that we could eat good food, and hang out. Sorry we had leave so early. Hope he had a wonderful day!

Caitlin said...

happy birthday russ! Looks like camille spoiled you rotten :)

Rachel and Jason said...

Fun! Happy Birthday, Russ! I'll find some cake and eat it in your honor :) Cute banner, Mill. Did you make it?

Reeve family said...

Such a fun birthday party! Thanks for having us over!!! You have such a perfect party house and the back deck is so big and nice! I like how you wrote everyones names on the actual picture...ya I don't know how to do that so I would love you to show me!

Kate said...

Thanks for letting us come and party with ya'll, we had a great time!