Friday, January 14, 2011

Wouldn't you agree?

For some reason this has been an eternal, never-ending week. Each day would draaaaaaaaag on longer than the next. Nothing bad, necessarily, just S.L.O.W. This is definitely one of those days I want to scream T.G.I.F. from the rooftops! Speaking of, does anyone else remember the amazing Friday-night-line-ups on ABC with Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Family Matters, and Full House?? That was pretty much the highlight of my 11-year-old life. Yes, I had a very exciting life as an 11 year old. I'm sure you did, too. Anyway, this is besides the point.

I have been trying to have a more positive outlook on life (aka not be a Negative Nancy), so some positive moments of the week include, but are not limited to:

Getting back into the running/exercise groove post Holidays, which can be a rough transition. (See previous post)
Watching/being entertained by The Bachelor. Come on girls, no need to keep it a secret anymore.
Getting an unexpected raise!
My mom started a blog! (click HERE for a "joyful" read). I'm not surprised that her writing is so fun to read, she's quite an intelligent woman. But I'm just more impressed that my mom is a blogger now. With a recently purchased smart phone and a DSLR camera. Hellooooo techy mom! :)
Seeing my brother-in-law's band getting some awesome (and well-deserved, I might add) publicity. You all know Nie-Nie, right? Her sister, C Jane, has also gathered quite the following, and has become quite the fan of Fictionist. (See here, here, and most definitely here. She even named Stu one of her "people of the year".) Yeah C-Jane!
The "cold" weather here in Texas. It's refreshing and welcomed.
Making a boss-awesome homemade chicken noodle soup (recipe found HERE). It lasted me all week, and was quite tasty as well. (If you want to give it a try, I recommend using a rotisserie chicken... mmmmmmmm)
Getting my wonderful husband back tonight. That darn business travel thing. Nights at home have been quiet.

Whew! That list was longer than expected! I guess it pays off to look on the bright side of things. Hope y'all have a happy weekend where all of your dreams come true. (A girl can hope, right?)

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