Hello Again, Sandy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February is here in full force! I couldn't be happier about it. January seemed to crawl by, so I'm feeling optimistic about this month of looooove. In order to help the time pass a little quicker tonight, I dusted off an old friend. I'm not quite sure why it's been so long since I brought out good ol' Sandy, but it has. A few years perhaps. But I miss playing music so bad. Until the blessed day when I own my very own piano, playing Sandy will have to do.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I even remembered a few of my favorites, including the lovely Beatles tune, Blackbird. Playing music is therapeutic. I love it. You may be wondering why I am calling this guitar Sandy. I bought this guitar in high school for $15 from one of my best friend's little brothers, Zak Nelson. (Yes, Rach... that's your little bro!) He had already named and branded this lovely guitar with the name of Sandy, and luckily I thought it fit.

Driving home from the gym tonight, the church outside of our neighborhood had the simple phrase "Opportunity Knocks" on it's sign. I couldn't agree more. Opportunities are always around the bend, and I have a feeling we're on the verge of something great. There's that optimism again. :)

Speaking of the gym, I've had some uber sore muscles lately. I am currently sitting on an ice pack, which is rather unpleasant for my behind, especially with the bitter temperatures outside. Yes, I live in Texas, but believe me the 20 degree weather penetrates deep to the bones with that dang humidity. In fact, weather.com says it feels like 10 degrees. So I guess I'm not that much of a weakling. Ok, moving on.

In closing, one of my favorite songs popped into my head today at work, and I haven't been able to get it out all day. It takes me back to the summer we got married, before we moved to Texas. We went to downtown Salt Lake City for the free "summer concert" series with my sister, her husband, and friends. Such a happy day. We stuck out the crowds and saw Bon Iver put on an amazing show.

So my friends, here's to good music, knocking opportunities, the month of loooooove, optimism, and staying warm. I hope you enjoy.

Apparently he has not made an official video... but luckily I thought this video fit the song perfectly.


Rachel and Jason said...

OK. You're right. I LOVED this post. A) I had no idea you bought Zak's guitar. Like NO concept at all. Not even the faintest memory. Is that weird? Until I saw his handwriting I almost didn't believe you. B) Jason's teaching me to play the guitar right now (a bucket list item for the year. Shhh. Don't tell in case I fail at it). I've even got some mad callouses to show for it--but what's funny is that I think of you a lot when I play it (if you can call it playing) because you always loved playing in high school and I always think: "I bet Camille can play this." I have a newfound respect for guitar players. Sorry if that's creepy C)Sandy? Really, Zak? That is great. And I'm not surprised at all actually that he went with "Sandy" D) I really had NO idea about this story about Zak's guitar! It's is blowing my mind?! Ha. E) Bon Iver. Sigh. F) I'm glad I got to talk to you so much today via the interweb. G) I hear you about the sore muscles H) Do you think I could think of something for every letter of the alphabet? Probably. Will I? No, because then everyone will know how really weird I am. Love ya!

Caitlin said...

yay for sandy, yay for skinny love, and yay for your cool wreaths! Those rock! I need to make one of those for sure. Maybe I should just buy one from you :) You're the best! ps. you should learn skinny love!

layne said...

ah so jealous that you picked your guitar back up. I've been missing mine and wandering why in the world I left it in Alaska. Thanks for introducing me to skinny love- new favorite!