Friday, February 18, 2011

There is something quite magical about holding a newborn. To think of where their little spirits were just hours before is breath-taking. They have such pure, precious little bodies, and one can only imagine what is in store for them on this earth. As far as I can remember, little Carter is probably the "newest" of newborns I've ever held. Our friends Morgan and Karen (mentioned in this post) had their baby, Carter Morgan Allen, on Wednesday afternoon. I went to visit them at the hospital last night. He's just about 24 hours old in this picture, and he's perfect.

I went with my other child-less friends, Brittany and her husband Dallin, and she told me we had to put our "baby-fever-guards up." But those darn babies really are pretty cute, aren't they??

{Please excuse the I-left-the-house-with-wet-hair-and-worked-all-day look. It's so charming.}


Annie. said...

It really is incredible. And holding you OWN new baby...well that's just a whole new experience.

You couldn't look anything but gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

Camille, thank you for your comment on the Fictionist post the other day! It means the world to me that people enjoy the music I recommend.

When I saw Fictionist perform in December in SLC, I texted Mindy Gledhill to tell her that I thought Stuart was the most adorable thing ever :) He is a terrific frontman. I am so excited to see where their future is in music. I think it's pretty bright!

Megan said...

aww... that baby is too cute!