I Will Prevail

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's March.

March means busy season is here in full force. I don't know who I was kidding thinking I'd have all this time to re-do the nightstands right away. I still really want to get them done soon, but it just might not be as soon as I was hoping. Don't give up on me my friends.

Speaking of busy season, I'm already feeling exhausted. It's easy to get so caught up at work to the point where I don't step out of the office from sun up to sun down, not even for lunch, like I did on Monday. How depressing. Soooo... in hopes of making this a happier month and a half of my life, I've made some goals.

I hope you're not rolling your eyes at me. It just helps having some written down so I feel somewhat accountable to keep that life balance. Speaking of balance, my mind has been wandering to the day when I'll be able to see sights like this again:

Zions National Park, Utah - Angel's Landing Hike

Long Lake, Spokane, Washington

 Baptist Draw, San Rafael Swell, Southern Utah

Obviously I'm pining for a summer vacation that involves anything outdoors, in the mountains, a canyon, or a lake. There is a time for everything, and the time right now is tax season survival.

Wish me luck.


Rachel and Jason said...

GOOD LUCK! I've never experienced tax season like you do. And I don't think I will. But I can imagine it's somewhat similar to the dental office in December when everyone's insurance benefits are going to run out (aka a mad dash to get all of their work done that they had the whole year to do but didn't because that's how it always goes). And yes, that makes two of longing for some fresh air. Hey, Springtime! Hurry up already!
Hey, and remember in high school math and you were always really good at it and I wasn't? And I chose to scrape plaque off other people's teeth instead of working with numbers? Yeah. You were made to do what you do :)
Longest comment ever...

Annie. said...

Good luck!

That Angel's Landing picture reignites all kinds of spine-shocking fears...what was I thinking when I climbed that!?

rach said...

Good goals! And obtainable. Whenever you feel like exploding, listen to some Beatles music and eat chips and salsa while you work.

layne said...

Good luck! I love your goals!