Role Reversals

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You guys, I just watched the Cougars fight till the end in their final NCAA game and lose it in overtime. It is such a sad moment, but they fought a good fight. As I've been sitting here literally freaking out, I've been thinking how tonight we've had a little bit of a role reversal. Russ has been calm and stoic and I've been yelling at the TV whilst standing up and shaking my fist. Since when did I freak out while watching sports? Something's off...

I've also seen a role reversal as I'm in the middle of busy season; now that Russ is home he has been my saving grace by managing to get dinner on the table. Or do the dishes. Or both. Man, I owe that guy.

Or how about these boys wearing our purses? Even thought the picture is posed, the fact that they were all wearing our purses at the same time was not planned. Sometimes role reversals really lighten the load. (pun intended)


Angela Joy said...

That's my girl. . . at least Russ watches the games. Dad doesn't even do that much any more! BYU made us proud though, didn't they?

Mark said...

It was sad to watch Jimmer and Emery have their last game together.

Camille, don't worry. Busy season ends soon.

Russ, don't worry. You still have your man card.

Andi Fitz said...

Ha ha. That picture of the guys is funny. Cute post!