A Ruffled Wreath... and more!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I made yet another wreath. Well, I guess you can say its just a revised edition of a wreath I made a few months ago. Remember this wreath? Remember how I only pinned the rosettes in so I could modify if need be? Best. Idea. Ever. Now picture me sitting on my couch on a Friday night, needing something to occupy my time besides eating homemade cookies, and finding some scrap fabric needing a home. This is the scenario that led to this new wreath.

Ruffles make me happy. And obviously so do homemade wreaths.

If I were you, at this point I'd be thinking "geez Camille, you need to get out more!!" Don't worry. I tried making this weekend a productive yet enjoyable one, by doing the following:

I ran for a cause! I ran in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, along with about 28,000 other people. It was quite an amazing sight. I ran in honor of my amazing Grandma Joyce, who is a survivor of breast cancer. She's sure a fighter, and I am so grateful for her example and the privilege I have to be her granddaughter.

I spent a few hours at the pool. Ahhh yeah. Russ told me he woke up to 2 inches of snow in Utah this morning. Yikes. I may die when I move there in a few weeks. So I figured I may as well try and soak in the sun while I still have it.

I watched Elizabethtown while doing 3 loads of laundry (how does 1 person have so many loads??). Do you guys remember that movie? I had never seen it. It was quirky, yet surprisingly charming with an awesome soundtrack. With tunes from Elton John, Ryan Adams, Lynyrd Skynyrd and others you can't go wrong.

Now I need to go do those dishes that for some reason won't clean themselves. See? I've got a life!

A Chocolate Chip Cookie Evening

Friday, April 29, 2011

What does a girl do when she's home alone on a Friday night? Bake some fantastic chocolate chip cookies and catch up on the Royal Wedding, of course!  (Which was incredibly beautiful, wouldn't you agree??)

I've been meaning to try this new chocolate chip cookie recipe for a while. It claims to be the "best chocolate chip cookies." A little skeptical, yet hopeful, I whipped them up. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to exclaim which cookie is "the best," but DANG! These were amazing. You can't stop at just one. My advice? Follow the recipe exactly. Even the whole "whacking the cookie sheet" recipe part. I think I am going to need to find something to do tonight in order to refrain eating the rest of these. I'm running a 5K in the morning, and I'm pretty sure these are not the recommended pre-race meal. Just guessing.

PS. I just realized my last three posts have involved desserts. Don't judge me.

Better Late Than Never

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You know that tradition where you freeze the top of your wedding cake and eagerly wait till your first year anniversary to dig in? Yeah, we didn't do that. We ate our cake on our 1 year 9 month anniversary. Oh, that's not an anniversary most people usually celebrate? My bad. 

See, the problem was that when our first anniversary rolled around, we were in a different state than said cake. My sister had graciously taken the cake home from our wedding as we whisked off to our honeymoon, and that darn cake stayed in her freezer up until this last weekend. I think she finally got sick of our wedding cake taking up her freezer (and her nice tupperware!) and kindly told us to get it out of her house when we were over the other night. The second problem came when we realized Russ and I aren't really living together these days (he's in Utah, I'm in Texas), and we don't really have our own freezer in Utah to keep it in.

It just so happened our 1 year 9 month anniversary was only a day away, so heck, we took out that super old cake and ate (some of) it. I was a little afraid of how old it was, but it surprisingly tasted pretty good! It didn't quite look the same as the beautiful chocolate cake you see above, but the general purpose was achieved. Here's to keeping to tradition, even if you're a little (or a lot) late.

Birthday + Easters = Fun

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm on my way home from Utah to Texas and loving the free wi-fi in the Vegas airport. It's those little bonuses in life that really stand out. I just spend the last week reunited with Russ. It was a week filled with no particular set plans, but was still busy, busy, busy! First order of business was to celebrate my birthday. I turned the big 2-5 last Sunday, which was spent, for the most part, hanging out at my house alone. It was slightly depressing, but I just knew we would make up for it in the week ahead! (Although I must publicly thank my awesome friend Sada and her sister Emily for taking care of me and feeding me amazing Salmon on my birthday. It's friends like these I will miss when I leave Texas).

Anywho, I finished tax season in Texas and wasted no time to fly to Utah. I landed, got my hair cut (which was way over-due), and then ate cake. An amazing chocolate cake made by my father-in-law. I know, impressive.

Thanks to all of my amazing family and friends that made me feel so special and loved on my birthday. I'm feeling optimistic about the mid-twenties. We have some exciting changes in the horizon...

Near the end of the week we had a perfectly low-key, yet delicious, Easter feast at Brittney's. I loved celebrating two holidays with my family. I got in much needed sister and mom time. Earlier in the week Brittney and I both bought our husbands the same shirt from the outlets. Little did we know they would both wear it for our Easter feast. Great minds think alike.

Now it's back to Texas to finish up some last minute business and get ready to move. Whew... I really hope this crazy life of ours will slow down sometime soon! I need a vacation. Oh wait, I'm just coming home from one. A vacation from a vacation? Ok thanks.

Flower Child

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm flying solo this weekend, yet I still managed to have a pretty good Saturday, which included the following:

Sleeping in till 9 (gasp!).
Going for a great run in the park/gym.
Pulling some weeds (not so great, but necessary).
Getting a fountain Diet Coke at the gas station on my way to...
lay at the pool, where I got some much needed Vitamin D.
A craft session with Karen,
where I made these:

... which really are just miniature versions of these lovely flowers. I wonder when I'll move on from fabric flowers? Soon? Probably not, considering I'm in the middle of another fabric flower craft. Oh well, as I mentioned earlier, life goes on. :)


Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh hey blog land! Nice to see you again. I've been a little consumed this week with a combination of preparing taxes, helping Russel move, searching for houses online, running, and (attempting) sleep. It's Friday night, and instead of going home to an empty house I thought I would pass the time by walking around the mall. In the midst of trying on some clothes at J.Crew I can't afford, I looked in the mirror and thought, "dang girl, you look bad!!" The glossed-over, blood-shot eyes and greasy, unkempt hair look is so not cute. I can't wait for some much needed R&R.  Oh, and a hair cut.

It's April 15th, which normally would be a REALLY happy day for a tax accountant, that is except when Washington D.C. decides to throw off the whole system and have their only little "Emancipation Day." That leaves us accountants having one more weekend of chillin' by themselves and having taxes hanging over their heads rather than whisking off to Utah be with their husbands... oh wait, that's just this tax accountant. But you know what, life goes on! Which brings me to this song I've had in my head all week. Listen to it and tell me you don't think it's catchy. I dare you.

Life on Turbo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm missing this guy today.

After a crazy, crazy week of working, packing, and goodbyes, Russ pulled out of our little red brick house and drove away from San Antonio. His last day at Ernst & Young was on Friday, he is driving to Utah all day Saturday and Sunday, and he starts his new job on Monday. Talk about fast-paced living. As Russ says, "we live our life on turbo." We seem to be pros at packing huge life changes into short periods of time. Like when we got married, for example. We got engaged, both graduated from college, got married, moved to a new state, and both started our first careers within a period of 4 months. Whew! I'm feeling very much the same these days.

I'm ready for life to slow down a bit, to relax, and to have a Saturday to myself (which I haven't had since February). Yes, life has been crazy, but we've managed to have a little bit of fun here and there. Last weekend we spent the afternoon with some of our friends in a park near our house. For the first time in a while, I felt carefree and so relaxed. There's nothing like spending some time on swings to make you feel like a kid again...

... or playing with little puppies helps, too. Brittany and Dallin got a dog, and I'm pretty sure Russ is obsessed.

... oh, and those little babies are bound to bring a smile to your face. Morgan and Karen's little baby Carter is such a beautiful baby who falls asleep in your arms. It's priceless.

So we have one more turbo-charged week ahead where I'll finish off busy season (HALLELUJAH!), Russ will start his new job (no big deal), and then we will be reunited for a short time. Until then, you might just find me on the swings trying to feel like a kid again.

Cooling Things Off

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I looooooove the feeling of sleeping in a big fluffy down comforter. There's nothing like being completely enveloped by a big fluffy blanket when you first wake up. Russ was a little reluctant to get a down comforter, but I assured him he'd loooooooove it too. And he does. Except for one problem... we are in Texas, where it started hitting 90 degrees early March. So, for these warmer months I knew we had to find an alternative to our big fluffy comforter to cool things off.

I had just the thing in mind.

I've been eying a particular coverlet for a good 5 or 6 months now, and when Megan and I made our aforementioned trip to Target, I decided to just make the plunge and buy the darn coverlet. And I am oh-so-happy I did. I'm practically in love.

It's the perfect weight, I can use all the same throw pillows, and it is covered in grey and yellow happiness. I wonder if I'll ever get over my grey and yellow obsession? Probably not. When we unwrapped the coverlet for the first time, I almost shouted for joy when there was a bonus underside on this perfect new blanket. And that's when I feel deeper in love.

I realized I'm probably sounding completely ridiculous, but walking by my bed seriously makes me grin from ear to ear. It's all about those little things my friends. And those grey sheets? Yep, those are from Target, too. The Dwell Studio line at Target is just my style, and luckily doesn't break the bank compared to other high-end lines.

I am just so glad we decided to cool things off.

Soaking It All In

Monday, April 4, 2011

Well my goodness! Talk about Russ coming out of blogging hibernation with a bang! I know this little announcement Russ made this weekend may have come out of left field for some of you, but the truth is it's been a long time coming. We moved to Texas knowing it would be a starting grounds for our life together as newlyweds. We've been here for just short of 2 years and it has been quite the experience! We both started new jobs where we learned a ton and worked like crazy, we made amazing life-long friends who we are so sad to leave, and we have learned to rely on each other when life gets tough (as it inevitably does). Picking up and leaving is so bittersweet, but when this offer came along it was too good to pass up. So why Utah? Let me tell you:

All of our family lives there besides my parents... for now :)
Great job opportunity
Amazing friends from college who we miss like crazy
 Big mountains. Mountain biking. Snowboarding. Camping. Etc.

So in anticipation of leaving, we have been trying to soak in every last minute here in Texas. Russ is moving this upcoming weekend, so we spent this last weekend with some of our favorite people experiencing true Texas life. Like meeting with Brandon and Megan at Rudy's, for example.  I've never been a big barbeque fan, but I have to say, Rudy's is pretty gosh-darn good. You get the whole barbeque experience with the red and white picnic tablecloths, food served in a plastic crate and barbeque sauce by the liter. Mmm mmm good.

After dinner Russ and Brandon left us for some "man time." Fine by us! Megan and I completed the night with pedicures, a trip to Target (or as Brandon says, the Mothership), and some good old-fashioned girl talk. There's nothing like a much needed night with your friend.

We love all of our Texas friends. And dang, we are sure going to miss them.

New Horizons

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello Blog world.
This is Russ.

I have come back.

With a major announcement.

I have a new employer.
Camille and I will be returning to Utah as I begin my new job with Adobe Systems in the Salt Lake Valley. I will be working as a Test & Target Consultant. We will be moving next month and I will be starting my new job this month. We are very excited to move closer to family and start a new career. We will miss all of the friends we have made here in San Antonio. It has been a great experience being a Texan and working at E&Y.

And yes that is a double rainbow.

all the way.