Better Late Than Never

Thursday, April 28, 2011

You know that tradition where you freeze the top of your wedding cake and eagerly wait till your first year anniversary to dig in? Yeah, we didn't do that. We ate our cake on our 1 year 9 month anniversary. Oh, that's not an anniversary most people usually celebrate? My bad. 

See, the problem was that when our first anniversary rolled around, we were in a different state than said cake. My sister had graciously taken the cake home from our wedding as we whisked off to our honeymoon, and that darn cake stayed in her freezer up until this last weekend. I think she finally got sick of our wedding cake taking up her freezer (and her nice tupperware!) and kindly told us to get it out of her house when we were over the other night. The second problem came when we realized Russ and I aren't really living together these days (he's in Utah, I'm in Texas), and we don't really have our own freezer in Utah to keep it in.

It just so happened our 1 year 9 month anniversary was only a day away, so heck, we took out that super old cake and ate (some of) it. I was a little afraid of how old it was, but it surprisingly tasted pretty good! It didn't quite look the same as the beautiful chocolate cake you see above, but the general purpose was achieved. Here's to keeping to tradition, even if you're a little (or a lot) late.


~johnny becky hazel~ said...

Ha Ha. Cute.

p.s. Do you need help with the move, or anything?

Megan Barrick said...

That makes me happy!

Jill said...

okay, this is super duper crazy...i just bought a yellow and gray coverlet from Target (you know, the one you have too!)and I've been googling it to see other set ups and color combo's people have added. well, your blog popped up with an image of the coverlet YOU have. so I started reading your blog and thought you were so cute and love the way you write. then i noticed you were in San Antonio and i wondered if by small chance you might know my brother...i kept reading to see if maybe you were mormon and I saw some Jimmer stuff!! then, BAM, i see a pic of my brother! So you apparently DO KNOW the Fitzgeralds...Scott and Andi. Way way way too funny. what a funny story huh. you're too cute. oh, and hi. I'm Jill. ☺

Camille said...

Jill that is SO funny!!! What a small and random world it is on this blogosphere. I'll have to tell Andrea! I just hung went to dinner w/her earlier this week!

Rachel and Jason said...

YES for cake. Y.E.S.