Flower Child

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm flying solo this weekend, yet I still managed to have a pretty good Saturday, which included the following:

Sleeping in till 9 (gasp!).
Going for a great run in the park/gym.
Pulling some weeds (not so great, but necessary).
Getting a fountain Diet Coke at the gas station on my way to...
lay at the pool, where I got some much needed Vitamin D.
A craft session with Karen,
where I made these:

... which really are just miniature versions of these lovely flowers. I wonder when I'll move on from fabric flowers? Soon? Probably not, considering I'm in the middle of another fabric flower craft. Oh well, as I mentioned earlier, life goes on. :)


Rachel and Jason said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Camille! Happy Birthday to yoU! Have a fabulous day. I'm thinking those cute new earrings you made will do just the trick in making you feel great on your big day! Love ya!

Angela Joy said...

I'm singing Happy Birthday with Rachel! Your day sounds fabulous to me. . . I was jealous of the diet coke by the pool in the sun! See you soon. Love you.

rach said...

sweet earrings, dude. I need to hire you as my personal crafter. I can't find the time lately to do anything fun.

glad your birthday weekend was relaxing...considering tomorrow is tax day. :)

layne said...

I love these. I love all of your flower crafts! Keep them coming!!