Soaking It All In

Monday, April 4, 2011

Well my goodness! Talk about Russ coming out of blogging hibernation with a bang! I know this little announcement Russ made this weekend may have come out of left field for some of you, but the truth is it's been a long time coming. We moved to Texas knowing it would be a starting grounds for our life together as newlyweds. We've been here for just short of 2 years and it has been quite the experience! We both started new jobs where we learned a ton and worked like crazy, we made amazing life-long friends who we are so sad to leave, and we have learned to rely on each other when life gets tough (as it inevitably does). Picking up and leaving is so bittersweet, but when this offer came along it was too good to pass up. So why Utah? Let me tell you:

All of our family lives there besides my parents... for now :)
Great job opportunity
Amazing friends from college who we miss like crazy
 Big mountains. Mountain biking. Snowboarding. Camping. Etc.

So in anticipation of leaving, we have been trying to soak in every last minute here in Texas. Russ is moving this upcoming weekend, so we spent this last weekend with some of our favorite people experiencing true Texas life. Like meeting with Brandon and Megan at Rudy's, for example.  I've never been a big barbeque fan, but I have to say, Rudy's is pretty gosh-darn good. You get the whole barbeque experience with the red and white picnic tablecloths, food served in a plastic crate and barbeque sauce by the liter. Mmm mmm good.

After dinner Russ and Brandon left us for some "man time." Fine by us! Megan and I completed the night with pedicures, a trip to Target (or as Brandon says, the Mothership), and some good old-fashioned girl talk. There's nothing like a much needed night with your friend.

We love all of our Texas friends. And dang, we are sure going to miss them.


Jessy Carlisle said...

So fun for you guys!!! And if you are going to drive through NM on the way back to Utah, please stay at our house!! Even if it's just for a late night place to crash, do not buy a hotel!!!

Yay for moving close to family, and yay that I will get to see you when I visit Utah. (Though I am disappointed that you did not take me up on any job offers in New Mexico).

~johnny becky hazel~ said...


Kimberly said...

Moving back to the mountains, YAY! Congrats on the job/move.

Elyse said...

Soooooo excited for you to live here!!!!