Fictionist & Rolling Stone: ROUND 3!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I know you have been dying to hear an update about Fictionist and the Rolling Stone Competition. I guess the title gives it all away -- they made it to Round 3!!

This is huge, people. The competition started with 16 bands from around the country, and now they are in the final four. That's all good and great, but now we need to pull out the big guns. They are up against some pretty great bands, and the bands who make it to the next round get to perform at Bonnaroo Music Festival in June. For those who have never heard of Bonnaroo, it's a hit line-up music festival where you go around and listen to the best of the best play all day long. A music lover's dream. This year some of the headliners include Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne, Eminem, The Black Keys, Robert Plant (hello... Led Zeppelin anyone?), Alison Kraus, Mumford & Sons, Florence + The Machine, and LOTS more.

Take a few seconds, rate Fictionist "5 stars" using the widget below, or if you are in reader, clicking on THIS LINK. If you are feeling extra generous, go ahead and "like" them on Facebook or twitter, because believe it or not, these Rolling Stones guys are looking at every online avenue to who should be on the cover of such an iconic magazine. And last but not least, tell your friends!

And because you have endured endless rambling about Fictionist and Rolling Stone, I will treat you with a picture that makes me laugh every time. This is Stu on a farm we stayed at during a family trip to Australia. I get to post it because I took it, and well, it's S.I.L. duty to be annoying and tease the man who married my sister. Love you, Stu! :)


~BB~ said...

I was the 9001 person to "Like" Fictionist on FB! Look at Hum go - that's awesome!

Angela Joy said...

It's Stu and Sally! Oh, how I would love to go back to Australia. . . but a trip to Tennessee and Bonnaroo would also be awesome. Go Fictionist!

stu said...
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Caitlin said...

so awesome, that picture is sweeeet! the one of the goat, of course, ha. But it's true, the wall above is pretty epic, I'm glad you love it too! I need to see you now that you're in the hood! I ran into natalie, russ's your SIL the other day!

B said...

Why does stuart love goats so much? This pictures is epic. Thanks for the post/support. Can't wait to see you.