The Inaugural Trip

Friday, May 27, 2011

The husband and I are packing up all of our gear that has been so neglected for the last two years. It has made me giddy pulling out all of my things that I used to use so very often, remembering adventures of years past, and anticipating the untold adventures that are ahead. I love, love, love being out in nature. Nature was hard to come by in Texas, and honestly, I felt like I lost a side of myself living there. I'm excited to go camping where I'm not next to an RV and there is not a porta-potty in sight. I am so happy to be living where my Osprey backpack, Thermarest, Smartwool socks, and Chacos can be fully utilized.

And mostly, I'm just excited to be out in the middle of nowhere with the husband. We have needed to "get away" for like 5 months, but seeing as we didn't really live with each other, it was kind of difficult. We have been anticipating this trip for quite some time.

So Mr. Adventure, are you ready for us? We are sure ready for you!

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Lindsay said...

You are my favorite flavor of granola. :) xoxo