My Partner In Crime

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Wednesday. But unlike every other Wednesday for the last few years here in Texas I did not get up and go to work. And let me tell you, it was weird! Yesterday was my last day at my job. I am a tax accountant, which means I show up to the same desk and sit there for at least 8 hours of the day... preparing tax returns... every day. To most of the world that sounds like forced torture. But really, it's not so bad, especially when you have a best friend and partner in crime like I was lucky enough to have.

Most of you who have read my blog for a while have read about Sada. We both started working at that office within a few weeks of each other, and I knew it was friends-at-first-sight. We're practically the same person, so the fact that when she got married and her new last name was Lewis, just like me, it wasn't really a surprise. (I mean, come on, our husbands Russell and Reagan are both R. John Lewis's. Same middle and last name. Coincidence? We'll never know).

We spent hours and hours talking about everything under the sun, going to lunch, envisioning all sorts of crafts we can do together, running, cross-fitting, planning our futures, planning her wedding, shopping, talking, talking, and more talking, oh, and working of course. :) I honestly don't think I could have gotten through my time here in Texas without this girl. I mean, who else is willing to do an impromptu photo shoot in our "tax pit" on my last day? Sada. (PS. I highly recommend checking out her blog, seeing as she's an amazing photographer. Remember this photo shoot? Yup, Sada took those).

This picture is absolutely ridiculous, incredibly dorky, and slightly embarrassing. But I post it to give those people I have told about my "corner" at work a visual. I literally looked at a corner every day in a room with no windows and only fluorescent lights. It was fabulous. But as I walked out of that room for the last time yesterday, I was surprised to find myself rather emotional. I closed another chapter of my life, and said goodbye to another amazing friend. Luckily, she's a friend for life and this goodbye was more of a "see-you-later."


Marcella said...

I am so glad you posted this. It is fun to have a visual of where you work. I love the pictures too. :) They made me laugh. You guys are cute! Glad you had each other.

Natalie said...

The CORNER! I LOVED the pictures from your photo shoot! Looks like you two are applying to be on the apprentice or something.
Camille, I started crying for you when I thought of how you are leaving Sada! So sad. Enjoy your last days there!

Angela Joy said...

We all love Sada. . . she's your San Antonian Sister! I'll miss her too. Cute pictures.

B said...

What a great friend. I hope she comes to visit Utah.