The {Mountain} Biker is Back

Friday, June 10, 2011

Before Russ and I met he used to do weekly mountain bike races. We then got married and moved to Texas where a mountain could not be found. Russ often talked about these races so nostalgically. I was sad I never got to see him in "his element."

Wednesday night was another affirmation of how much we love being back in the mountains. Russ was like a little kid on his new bike. You see, for the last few years Russ has often mentioned how much he would like a new mountain bike. I told him that if we ever lived in a location where the bike could actually be used, he could buy whatever bike he wanted. Hmm... maybe that was one reason he took this job in Utah?

Either way, it was worth it. Seeing Russ ride and compete, doing something he completely loves, made me so happy. And plus, how can I complain when I get to read a book on the grasses of Sundance with this as my view while I wait for him to cross the finish line?

Oooo! Speaking of races, tonight we are off for a weekend at Bear Lake where I will finally get to run my half marathon I signed up for a few months ago. I am filled with one part excitement, one part dread, and one part nerves. Welp, wish me luck!


Ashton + Brian said...

GOOD LUCK!!! i wish i could have ran the half with you. you will do so great!

Andi Fitz said...

Fun! I'm glad Russ got to compete, and you got to watch him with that gorgeous view. Looks blissful. And Good luck on your race this weekend! I'm so excited for you! I know you are going to do awesome! Can't wait to see pictures from your weekend in Bear Lake!

Rachel and Jason said...

I LOVE Bear Lake!!! Blow the city of Logan a giant kiss for me and tell it I miss it. There is no place like Cache Valley. Good luck to you!