We Did It!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am so happy to say that Half-Marathon #3 is over and done with!

Natalie, me, and Marcella (from left to right) literally cheering for joy  

This was such a great weekend. I loved spending time with my husband and our family. I loved creating new memories. I loved pushing myself to the limit. And most of all, I loved accomplishing another goal.

At the beginning of the year I had made a goal to run another half marathon, and by golly, I did it! I started my training in Texas, and quite honestly, was feeling great about my progress. I felt faster and stronger than I have ever felt in my life. And then we moved to Utah, and added about 4,000 feet to the elevation. Ouch! Talk about feeling like wheezy McGee! Just about the point where I felt like my lungs were no longer burning during every run, it was time for the big event. We drove the 3 hours north to Bear Lake, adding another 1,000 feet to the elevation. Let me just say this race was HARD. Then again, I'm not sure when running 13.1 miles will ever be easy. That will be a good day. Long story short, I didn't quite hit my "goal time." But considering the circumstances, I feel I did really well. I knocked about 5 minutes off of my last half marathon time, which in and of itself, is something to be happy about.

I am also extremely proud of my two sister in-laws. We all accomplished something that we each struggled in our own individual ways to achieve. I am especially impressed with Marcella, a mother of 3 kids (her youngest is 6 months), and before yesterday had never run longer than 6 miles. But she did it, and even crossed the finish line with a smile. 

Each time I finish a race I think "What next?" Now that we are in Utah where there are multiple half or full marathons almost every weekend, I hope to run another by the end of the summer. Committing this goal to the blog-o-sphere will make it hard to back out. :)

And that my friends, is why runners are insane. We finish one painful experience (I mean literally painful -- it hurts to walk today), and think "when can I do this again?"

PS. Thanks for waving at the camera, Nat. Practicing for Miss Utah??


Marcella said...

YAY US! It really was amazing! I can't believe how much I enjoyed it! Thanks for doing it with me. I find myself asking what next too. SO FUN! Can't wait to see what is next.

Natalie said...

1. Thanks for holding Mar and I to our goals.
2. I say lets do it again soon!
3. What we came home to find Brigham drinking a Diet Coke and watching t.v?
4. Stop it people
5. Am I even running in that finish line picture? You two are, but I think I am jolting in place from one foot to the other.

Sada said...

Congrats!! Glad it went well!!

Reeve family said...

Go Camille!!! You are a half marathon pro now!

Angela Joy said...

Way to go girls. You all did awesome!

Andi Fitz said...

Good job Camille! Yay for a PR too! Run a few more of those pretty, cool mountain races for me! I'm so jealous. Besides family, that's probably the thing I miss most about Utah. Ha ha. I'll be sweating to death in my half this Saturday. And then there will be a race drought until winter :( Can't wait to hear which race you chose next. So many to chose from!

Andi Fitz said...

*oops I meant choose, not chose.