The Abbey Road Show

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Friday night was the closest I would come to seeing the Abbey Road album played just like the Beatles did in 1969 -- from the rooftop. I was practically giddy all day long in anticipation of this event. Provo has started doing rooftop concerts the first week of the month, put on by C. Jane. Stuart and a few other guys from Fictionist played, as well as some other local musicians. What can be better than listening to some of the best music ever written performed on a roof with family, friends, pizza, perfect summer weather, Chinese lanterns, and my favorite Y Mountain in the background? Not a lot, I say. Not a lot.

I love summer evenings, so much. {Almost as much as I love the Beatles}. So you Utahns out there, try to catch the next one in August. It's sure to be a great time.


emily said...

i'm so happy i got to see you at this epic event. i love that you are a utahn again!!

Lindsay said...

i so would have gone with you guys. that looks amazing!