To the Lake We Go... Again

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's true. We're off again to the lake, one of my very favorite places. This time we're heading to northern California and roughin' it on a houseboat. Oh I absolutely cannot wait. I need this vacation bad. 

For some reason these last few weeks have been unexpectedly stressful! It's probably a combination of my new job(s), a new house (and all that comes with it), and just life I guess. You know it's bad when your new neighbor/friend looks at you and says "are you OK? You look stressed." I've known her 3 weeks, but she's already one of my best friends. You want proof? She left a McDonald's gift card on my doorstep for some $1 Large Diet Cokes to help relieve the stress. Yup, that's how I know.

I did get one exciting little package last night that makes me excited to come back. Let's just say my kitchen walls don't even know what's coming. :)

Have a good and sunny weekend everyone!


Elyse said...

Have fun! What is your new job/jobs?? And that wallpaper...oh my, I am salivating over it! Let me know when you're back and let's do something. Isla no longer hates her carseat so I'm more mobile now :)

Danielle said...

love you millers. don't be stressed. i want to come visit you soon. love you.