Trinity Lake

Monday, August 8, 2011

You know how they say all good things must come to an end – well it’s unfortunately true for our family trip to the lake. We spent 4 days up in Northern California in the Shasta National Forest at Trinity Lake. Oh my goodness. You would have thought we had all died and gone to heaven. Since this lake is in a national forest, there are no lake cabins or condos surrounding the lake which significantly reduces the traffic on the water. You know what that means – glass. It would be middle of the afternoon and the water would be pristine glass and we were the only boat in sight. Huh!??! Usually we are fighting off crowds, especially on a Saturday morning in August. Add gorgeous scenery and perfect weather and you have a perfect little weekend. Let’s just say my family loved this lake and being on a houseboat together so much we’re already thinking about next year. 

We all practiced our wakeboarding and slalom skiing skills, got in a little tubing, and even learned how to “skurf.” I can now say I have gotten up on a surfboard… on a lake behind a boat. We blasted good tunes under the sun by day, played games around the table and watched movies on the projector by night. 

Most importantly, we were together. It was a good time had by all. Until next year, Trinity Lake. 


~johnny becky hazel~ said...

That looks like so-oo much fun!!

Amanda Jones said...

what a beautiful place... the best trips are boat trips with family!! I bet it was soo fun to have jace there too!

Angela Joy said...

Wow! You're awesome for doing such a quick post. Just lloovvee that picture of me, but then again it proves I actually went skiing!! It was so much fun. Love you!

Danielle said...

i love shasta! we go houseboating every year. so great. next year lets coordinate and go the same week :)