Dirty Dashin'

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last weekend I was dirtier than I've ever been in my whole life. I'm talking literally dirty, as in I was finding dirt in places I didn't know dirt could go. But it was so. worth. it. My extended McLaws family (dad's side) had a little reunion this weekend, and keeping with McLaws tradition, it was not your run-in-the-mill reunion. When was the last time you got dunked in a pool of mud by your aunt?

My cousin Megan's purple wig looks all clean and shiny in this picture, but I assure you, she was covered in mud in about 3.2 seconds after this was taken. This is the last "mud pool" before the finish line. I'm in the front row second from the right... that shirt I'm wearing was white at the beginning.

We all registered for the Dirty Dash a while back, all being as unsure of what to expect as the next person. This race was a blast, and probably the most "easy going" race I've ever participated in. By "easy going" I don't mean it was easy, because it wasn't, I mean it was NOT competitive, NOT serious in the least, and I was the LEAST anxious I've ever been for a race.

The reason we all look relatively "cleaner" in this picture is because it was mid-race. I don't know why being muddy makes us feel like we have to flex our muscles?

Before the race started you heard a man yelling these sort of phrases over the microphone:

"For those of you stretching at the starting line, yeah, I'm going to make fun of you"
"If you ask me what your time was when you cross the finish line you are stupid"
"Water is overrated. Go drink some chocolate milk and eat donuts!"
"If you are keeping track of your mile splits, you are dumb"

I'm totally serious. I loved it. It was a 10K (6.2 miles) of hills, obstacles courses, and yes, MUD. With that said, I truly think anyone -- a runner or not -- could do this race. Next time, and there will be a next time, I will make sure to dress up and wear the nastiest shoes I can find, because the thought of keeping the shoes you wore in this race is out of the question. You can watch this video for a good idea of what the Dirty Dash really means:

* Both photos taken by my wonderful Grandpa Bob. Thanks Grandpa!


Ashton + Brian said...

This looks INCREDIBLE!!! HOW FUN!!! I want to do a dirty dash! Sign me up anytime. I already know what I'd wear and everything. :) What a fun family!


Now that looks like a race I'd actually like to do!

Megan Barrick said...

Ok the clean freak in me is cringing, but it does look fun! Way to go guys!