Hello September

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Isn't it ironic how we always want what we can't have? I'm mostly speaking in terms of the weather this time, but I think it would be safe to say that statement applies to many other aspects of life. Anyway, the point is that I am so excited that today brings in September! Queue the autumn weather please!!! While it's been lovely and hot outside, I cannot wait to wear some cozy sweaters and boots. But come next March when we've been inundated with snow for months on end, I know all I will wish for are some 90+ degree days like we've been experiencing as of late. Such is life, I guess. 

With that said, I was browsing the Shade website and was quite smitten with some of their new fall looks. It made me that much more excited that September has come. 

Even though I could stop by the store, for you non Utahns I did happen to see they have free shipping & returns. Pretty sa-weet, don't you think? So what do you guys think? Any items you would add to your wish list? Or am I the only one excited for fall weather? (I'm especially thinking of my friends down in Texas -- you've got to be feeling that fall fever...) 


Andi Fitz said...

Camille, I just love you and miss you. I can see you wearing all of those outfits and looking so cute in them. You are always so cute and stylish. I won't even let myself think about Fall styles yet because I know I still have awhile, but I keep seeing Utah blogs talking about Fall. I would forget Fall even existed if it weren't for the Utah blogs I read. I can feel the Fall through the computer when I read them! Oh how I love Utah Fall. Probably the prettiest and most perfect weather ever. Oh, and don't even get me started on the cool, crisp Utah Fall running up the canyons. I better stop now before I get too homesick. Anyway, thanks for sharing a piece of Fall with me, and thinking of your fellow Texans who are still melting.

Ashton + Brian said...

Ohh maaaan! I'm SOO JEALOUS!!! This is my first fall in Las Vegas in like 7 years or something crazy, and I'm dying already. I miss Utah!!! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! Football games, trees changing, cool breezes, fresh school year...ahh. I don't even know when to start wearing boots here. I guess just whenever I feel like sweating extra.

Rachel and Jason said...

I LOVE FALL! I never want to live anywhere we don't get to enjoy the 4 seasons. And love ALL the outfits. I think I love this time of year so much because of all the fun outfits! And the food...Miss you!