My bags are packed

Thursday, September 15, 2011

image via Ruche

... and I'm ready to go! Ok, not quite yet. I most definitely will be racing home from work to throw this-and-that in my suitcase, but I catch a big jet plane this afternoon to Seattle for a much needed break from reality. There's nothing like an old-fashioned girls' trip with my mom and sister. This trip was totally last minute, but when my sister proposed that my mom and I meet her up there (she's going for work) and Russ said we had a voucher that needed to be used, I figured "what the heck?!" Life is for living. We have nothing in particular planned (which sounds amazing) but will most likely be doing lots of eating, shopping and talking. Have a fantastic weekend my friends. See ya on the flip side!

PS. In case you haven't heard yet, go HERE for some exciting news about some guys in a band I know. You wouldn't want to be a stranger in the dark, now would you? (Ha! Get it?)


Marcella said...

Cute picture! Have fun!

Amanda Jones said...

have fun... I am jealous you get to go to the greatest city on earth (ok maybe i'm a bit biased).

Morgan and Karen Allen said...

How fun! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!!