Pinning Away on Pinterest

Monday, September 26, 2011

Is this true, or is this true?? I admit that I am completely obsessed with this "social network." I even think it would be safe to say it's taken the place of facebook-ing and {most} blog-stalking I used to participate in. Even though this quote above is so true, I do give Pinterest a lot of credit for inspiring projects galore. And those recipes I actually have tried? All have been delicious. So I will keep pinning away. Some recent finds:

For a future baby shower I throw // A Shower Baby Shower

Finding inspiration for a paint color in our bedroom (so my whole house isn't gray) // Blue walls

Some day we will have a baby, and if the nursery looked like this I wouldn't mind // Amazing Nursery

Are you drooling yet? // Caramel Brownies

Getting excited for the holidays // Stockings for a Family

An entryway I would die for // Photo Collage wall to disguise the thermostat

So here's to hoping I can find some time in the near future to actually conquer some of these amazing Pinterest projects and recipes. As for now, I should probably just get back to work. Over and out.

PS. The blog got a face-lift! It was way past-due. But do not fret, I will probably be tweaking things here and there till I'm happy with it.



I think I might have to check out pinterest cause I really like what I'm seeing. And your blog looks great!

Jessica Morgan said...

Pinterest is a dangerous site, but so awesome to get inspiration for ....everything!

AND the first thing I thought when I saw your blog was... how cute! I love it. Want to come do mine next ;)