The Halloween Half Marathon

Sunday, October 30, 2011

This weekend I ran another half marathon. It was the Provo Canyon Halloween Half, a very entertaining race where a large majority of the racers dress up in ridiculous costumes. Apparently I am the Halloween Grinch and had no motivation to dress up. LAME. I ran it with two of my favorite people -- LG and Natalie (my sister in law), who dressed up as the anime character Pikachu. Awesome, right?

The race started at Aspen Grove and took us down the scenic Provo canyon complete with fall leaves, the Provo river, a waterfall, and parks galore. It's always been one of my favorite routes.

My goal for this race was to get under 2 hours. The first 6 miles flew by and I felt great. I got a little tired around mile 7 or 8, but after popping a starbust in my mouth I was able to keep going strong. And then mile 11 came, and I wasn't sure what I felt anymore, but it wasn't great. I soon found out what it was at about half a mile from the finish line. The next thing I know I have throw up in my mouth. Uh, what?!? I swallow it back down (I know, gross) and keep running. Nope, it wasn't staying down. It came back up and this time I just bent over and threw up right in front of all those unassuming spectators cheering on their family and friends. In my head I'm thinking "Alright, this race isn't ending as planned, but I think I can still make my goal if I keep going." The last quarter mile I swallowed down vomit 2 more times as the finish line was in sight. Right as I crossed the line it all came out and I collapsed on the ground. I know, that sounds dramatic, but it just happened.

Russ was able to snap the photo below right before I crossed the line. I still have no clue why that happened, but I'm assuming it was me ignoring my body's screaming signals that were telling me to "STOP." I thought it was absolutely disgusting, uber-weak, and embarrassing (who wants to finish a race that way??), but everyone I tell the story to just exclaims "HARDCORE!" Ha! I guess I'll take that over uber-weaksauce.

So to sum up this crazy race, I am so happy that I made my goal with only seconds to spare. I crossed the line at 1:59:25. Achieving another PR is such a great feeling, throw up and all.


Megan said...

Wow! Way to go on making your goal!! I'm impressed--throw up and all. I don't tell many people this, but during the only half marathon I ran like 4 years ago i got the runs! dead serious! it was the worst 3 hours of my life! haha... I definitely did not make my goal. ;)

rach said...

Disgusting. Yet, impressive.

Andi Fitz said...

Gross yes, but not weaksauce. I'm pretty sure I would have taken throw-up in my mouth as an excuse to not get my time goal. And I can't believe you swallowed it. That's definitely not weaksauce. Ewe. I'm sorry you got sick, but WAY TO GET YOUR PR! And now you even have a cool/memorable story to go with it. Russ didn't get the picture of you crossing the finish, or did you not want to post that one? Ha ha. :)


Wow! Good job at finishing! I would've given up after the first block.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! This makes my day! I am loving your blog. natalie's costume is AWESOME!!! GREAT JOB and yay for starbursts during the run (minus the throw up part ha)!

Ashton + Brian said...

Your first picture made it look way too cold to be running in the first place.

You throw up, I poo...which is worse??