Adobe Knows How to Party

Monday, December 12, 2011

{Russell wins the award for the most animated face!}

Friday night we went to Adobe's Holiday Party. This was unlike any Christmas party I've ever been to for a few reasons. First of all, it was 80's themed. Huh? I was so confused and honestly really skeptical of what kind of party it would be (foolish Camille, foolish!). Second, when we showed up we saw the Back to the Future car in front of break dancers being watched over by Mr. T. I'm dead serious. You throw some dancing competitions, arcade games, flaming donuts, thousand dollar prizes that you can win by playing rock-paper-scissors (I got really close!!!), awesome "goodie boxes" with 80's movies and treats, and a live 80's cover band and you have one rockin' party. I also got to reunite with one of my old college roommate Erin! Oh I have missed her. Her husband also works for Adobe -- it was so good to see her after way too long! (Her hair is crimped because that is back in style, didn't you know? Just kidding. You could dress up in 80's attire. We were lame and did not).

Since we are party animals and never want the night to end (ha!) we stopped by temple square after the party to check out the lights in the freezing cold. It was the perfect end to a perfect night. We really do love Adobe and are so grateful for Russ's job! They sure know how to treat their employees right. Thanks Adobe for showing us another good time! 


Candace said...

Amazing photobooth pics!!! I'm so impressed with Russ's faces. You two rock.

Jessica Holly said...

so fun! She's rockin' that crimped hair! Yay for Enclave reunions!


What a fun party and evening! You guys are too cute.

{cody.amber. chandler} said...

Love it! Glad you guys are having fun in Utah, although we sure miss you here in Texas :) Does Russ know Eric Hansen? He has worked for Adobe since back when it was Omniture- he and his wife are good friends of ours from BYU. Hope you guys have a fun Christmas!! :)