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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog/website/book/show that you just could not stop thinking about? When that happens you just want to tell everyone you know about it. Well that's how I feel about my most recent stumble, A Blog about Love. Their blog really is all about love -- how to love, what to do when you don't feel loved, how to be a better spouse, family member, friend, and so much more.

One night last week I just could not sleep. I was upset, angry, sad, frustrated, among other things. Basically, I had a lot on my mind. So I sat in my bed and started reading their blog from the beginning. I woke up the next morning and already felt like a different person. Without sounding too corny, I really feel like this blog came into my life for a reason. I am 100% inspired by these two people, and within the 5 days I have devoured everything on their blog, I truly feel like I'm one step closer to the person I want to be. I'm happier. Less things "bug" me. I'm choosing to be happy, because let's be honest, who wants to choose the opposite?

These two have definitely been handed their fair share of trials. Long story short, Mara's husband of 7 years left her (after years of going back and forth between telling her he didn't "really" love her or wasn't attracted to her), all the while dealing with infertility for nearly 5 years. After she was divorced, her friend introduced her to Danny Kofoed by a friend (who's wife of 4 years had also left him). They lived in different cities so their relationship basically started out via email. They fell in love quickly. They were both so excited to be in love once again. Their outlook on life was incredibly positive, and continues to be that way, even after dealing with infertility once again. Like I said, lots of trials.

Some of the posts that have been my go-to for inspiration as of late include:

How to keep a marriage glued
Choosing to not be offended by silly things people say
Best Beauty Secret in the world
AMAZING marriage tips
Feeling Spirituality in your life
The "Little" trials of life -- we've all got 'em
Working on being the best {future} mother I can
Being grateful for what I DO have, not dwelling on what I don't
Learning how to not react in a negative way

... And so much more. Seriously, I kind of want to be her BFF. Her writing is so genuine, kind, and honest. And come on, she's got rockin' style. Just give the blog a try, won't you? I hope you enjoy as much as I do. :)


Mara Kofoed said...

OH Camille, I want to be your friend, too. This could be the best introduction to our blog that we have ever seen. THANK YOU, my dear, for writing this. You are so genuine, too. I just melted. I couldn't be happier that you are enjoying the blog. I just felt so much that maybe I could help some people...and so to see it happening just has made me over the moon. All the best to you. And btw, LOVE your blog, too. The style is so clean and well done...love the colors, writing, everything.
XO, Mara

Camille said...

Mara! You made me so happy. The fact that you commented on my little ol' blog means a ton. Thank you again for everything you share with the blogosphere. K -- let's be friends. Next time you're in Utah let me know! :) ha!

layne said...

oh I love their blog :)

Megan Barrick said...

Love, love , love!