Canada & Snowmobiles

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Over Christmas break we went to Washington (my home state). Oh how I love that place. A few days after Christmas we drove up to spend a few days in Canada. We were forewarned of how freeeeezing and winter wonderland-ish Canada is in the winter... so we came prepared of course. We loaded up the car with snowboards, skis, winter boots, thermals, hats, gloves, you name it. Weren't we a bit surprised when we pulled up to our resort in Fairmont to find grass?? Hmm, not what we were expecting. The irony of it all was that it was snowing in Spokane as we left. I guess that's life, right? {Side note: There was a bit more snow in Banff compared to Fairmont, but it was still very mild compared to the norm}

Also a surprise: Pulling up to Lake Louise (which we visited in the summer a few years back) expecting to oooh and awwwe over the crystal blue water only to realize that, duh, it's frozen and covered in snow! Way to go geniuses. :)

We still managed to have a good time, of course. Activities included the Fairmont hot springs, snowboarding, site-seeing, games, and food. The best.

Once we got back to Spokane my Dad made sure I got in my yearly snowmobile trip. Some people are surprised when I tell them that I grew up riding a snowmobile. From the age of about 10 years old my dad would plop me on my own machine and tell me to climb the mountain! "Whatever you say daddy!!" I've loved these times on the mountain with my dad. He becomes a little kid (again) and we get to see some amazing vistas together. Oh, and he ALWAYS encourages me to go out of my comfort zone and "push the limits a little." I've definitely had my fair share of accidents -- you know, getting stuck in waist-deep powder and even rolling the machine over my body once -- but I still love the feeling of the wind on your face as you pull that throttle. It was good to feel that once again.

{Me and Jace jumping for joy}

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Jessica Holly said...

That looks so fun! P.S. random fact. I saw your little brother at the gym the other day...the only reason I recognized him was from your blog. I felt a little creepy! lol