A Head of Hair

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My husband has a very healthy head of hair. I'm not exaggerating one bit. Let's just hope our kids are blessed with his genes in this area. Lately he has let it grow longer than ever with a curly fro and mountain man beard. He was going in for a hair cut tonight, so I made sure to snap a picture last night as he was checking his head of hair out one last time. 

I sure do love this guy.

{I think the picture turned out really nice, don't you? ... hahaha... Napoleon Dynamite anyone?}


Megan Barrick said...

It's so not fair! I hope our kids get Brandon's hair too.


I didn't fully appreciate how awesome his locks were until he propped his hand up under his chin. ;)

Brandon said...

That's pretty impressive, but call me when you've got something like this =)

Elyse said...

You two crack me up! Love it.