The Gallery Wall

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I finally finished the gallery wall in our living room! Hooray! I took my time slowly accumulating art, pictures and frames, and then arranged and re-arranged the frames on the floor until it finally made sense. One day I was home sick from work and just started hanging frames. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

That Robert Abbey lamp is another new addition. I sold our hand-me-down floor lamp a while ago on Craigslist, so I've kept my eye open for a lamp. It was hard, however, because I felt that corner needed something slightly larger than most lamps I was finding. And then I saw my amazingly cute and talented friend Candace's house, and knew that lamp was exactly what I was looking for. Candace was even nice enough to tell me where she got it, so I wasn't completely an annoying friend -- at least she knew I was copying her. :) Hey, it's all a form of flattery, right??

I wanted the pictures to mean something. Explaining some of the art, starting clockwise from the top left picture:

* "The learning print," by Caitlin of Hue and Hum
* The blue L for Lewis! I bought the letter at JoAnn's and painted it a light blue (I just had a sample here in the house, so I thought I would use it)
* "It's Better Tandem," by Fifth & Hazel. I gave this to Russ for Christmas; it's especially meaningful for us, not just because Russ loves to bike, but because Russ proposed to me while we were on a tandem bike ride.
* Canvas photo of us by the lovely Sada Lewis.
* Watercolor print of the Salt Lake City LDS Temple by Birds of Ashmae
* Print of Cadaques, Spain by Salvador Dali. We picked this print up when we visited Cadaques a few years ago. I love that we have stood in that exact point of view.

So there ya go. Our gallery wall is done, and the room is one more step to being "complete." But the funny thing is I don't know when it will ever be fully complete. Does anyone else feel this way?! Making a house a home is definitely a slow process, but every step of the way feels like a huge accomplishment.

Over and out!


Candace said...

The gallery wall is gorgeous, and I loved seeing Robert Abbey hanging out in the corner. Don't you love that lamp?! And I think the gold mirror was the perfect touch. Hope to see you soon. XOXO

Sada said...

Nice! Looks good! I have about 27 ikea frames waiting to be hung for our gallery wall! You are so far ahead of me!!! :) But, you would be proud to know that I did actually hang some things in our living room! Woo hoo! The first nail is the hardest?! (get it, like the Sheryl Crow song). Ok, I'm done.


You have skills. Serious skills. I love every inch of what I'm seeing. Lucky.

Andi Fitz said...

So so so cute. Can you come decorate my house? Your house is looking more and more gorgeous every time you put pictures up. By the way, thanks for the nice comment on my blog. :)

Rachel and Jason said...

I love it all! We move into our new place this weekend and I can't WAIT to adorn some bare walls :)

Lindsay said...