"Oh Hey Valentine"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

That's how Russ answered the phone when I called him on the morn of February 14th. It made me smile. "I'm someone's Valentine!"  I know I'm a few days late on posting about Valentine's Day, but no need to fear, we had a fantastic day. 

Random thought: I love when you make a spontaneous decoration one year, and then you reap the benefits for years to come. That is the case with these little lovely hearts I made last year. They make me happy every time I walk by them.

We had spent the weekend out of town (more on that later) and pulled in late Monday night, so we spent Valentines "in". It was just what the doctor ordered. We enjoyed a lovely dinner (if I do say so myself). The menu consisted of:

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Chimichirri
Green salad with apple, pecan, and bleu cheese, topped with blush wine vinaigrette dressing
Sourdough baguette
Peach Sparkling Cider
Peach Crunch Cake with French Vanilla ice cream on top (of course), while settling in to one of my favorite movies -- You've Got Mail, which believe it or not, Russ had never seen. (gasp!)

We also received a little surprise from some of the cutest girls in our neighborhood. They are some of my cute and eager piano students. They are also in our Primary class at Church. The note cracked us up. Let me make sure it is documented correctly:
"The 1 on top is for both of U, The 1 that says "2 hot" in the middle is Bro. Louis's & other is Sis. Louis's." 

Haha! Gotta love cute, little 9 year old girls :)


Megan Barrick said...

I get giddy when February comes around and my little hearts get hung too! They will be staying up as long as possible! I still feel a little guilty for cutting up books though:)

Lindsay said...

I bet those kid made cookies had kid made, licky fingers alllover them ahahahahaha. THAT's adorable and sister 'Loius' you totally rock, it's true.