Kitchen Window // Roman Shades

Friday, March 30, 2012

You know how sometimes you feel like you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off? That's me these days. For the last few weeks I just feel like I can't get ahead, and at least once a day I catch myself trying to catch a breath because I've just been going nonstop. On top of the daily must-do responsibilities, I've had a growing pile of projects that I've been itching to start and finish. Last night I finally crossed one more thing off the list! My roman shade for the kitchen window! Hooray!

When we first moved in, we put blinds on all the other windows in the house except this one. This window gives you the perfect glimpse to our view of the river and mountains, so I was hesitant to slap some wood blinds up there especially since we don't have any backyard neighbors. But then we started realizing that at nighttime it is kind of creepy because if there is someone walking on the trail along the river they can see us... but we can't see them! Hmm... not ok. I wanted something functional yet decorative, and most of all I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  I found this tutorial (thanks to Pinterest, of course), and knew I wanted to try my own roman shade. 

But the fabric! Oh the fabric. Why was this such a hard decision??? I knew the general look I wanted, but I was tormented on if I wanted a bright color, neutrals, pattern, solid, etc. The fact that my wallpaper is also in the kitchen made me hesitant to bring in more crazy patterns. Finally I found the chosen fabric. It is interesting yet still subtle enough not to distract from everything else in the kitchen. I had been eyeing the Imperial Trellis print for ages now and finally found an affordable option on Etsy.

All in all, I'm completely happy with the results -- it's definitely not perfect or anything, but it works for me. Best part? It was totally affordable. The whole project only cost me about $40 in supplies, including the fabric, mini blinds, and a few other supplies. Bonus!


Reeve family said...

I am in LOVE! Looks so good and I really like the fabric. I might have to make these!



Rachel and Jason said...

LOVE it. Love it all.

Unknown said...

Hi Camille! Sada's friend Lauren here. Just stalking away :)
Do you remember the etsy shop where you found that fabric? I too am looking for trellis. Thanks!

Camille said...

Hi Lauren! Thanks for saying hello :)
Here is the posting for the yellow trellis fabric:

This pattern definitely isn't cheap, but i searched EVERYWHERE and this was the best price. It's really good quality too! Hope you enjoy :)