Rachey Pachey

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This weekend was fabulous. My family was in town (more on that later), we celebrated Easter, and the weather was fantastic. But one little surprise visit stands out from everything else. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Rachel, came into town. She, her husband and cute little son are living in Pennsylvania (which is really far away!). I haven't seen her in years, so catching up felt really, really, really good.

Rachel and I have been through a lot together. I met her when I was a wee nine year old and we became fast friends. Some of my favorite memories that stand out:

* When she let me cut and highlight her hair. I think we were like 14. She was very trusting.
* Flying to San Diego together in high school. We thought we were cool.
* Surviving elementary, junior high and high school with the help of each other.
* Driving around in her ginormous Suburban blasting the music.
* Her nick-naming me "Happy Meal." It stuck.
* The time she came snowmobiling with my dad and me, and successfully launched her machine into a tree.
* Our Humanities Senior Project -- we danced on the stage as flapper girls. Awesome.
* Tons and tons of piano recitals, competitions and performances together as we were in the same piano studio.
* Doing her hair for her wedding! Again, she is very trusting.
* Russ and I practically running over to her house after we got engaged. She was the first friend we told, and she started crying because she was so happy for us.

... and last but not least...

* Having a dear friend who knows me better than most people I know. I can go years without seeing her (not by preference of course), but when we finally get together we can pick up where we left off.

Love you Rach!


rach said...

Stop, you're going to make me cry! I love you too, Happy Meal. I am SO glad I got to see you.

Lindsay said...

Jealous!!! Wish I was there! Love you both you hotties.

Loynd Family said...

WHAT!!! You guys know each other! Small world! Rachel is in my ward!!

Rachel and Jason said...

Party! We should have a reunion. All of us. Glad you two got to see each other :)