Tuesday, May 22, 2012

+ I made this balsamic chicken, spinach, and tomato pasta salad. It was delicious. And easy. It will most definitely be going in the "Lewis rotation." We opted to cook the chicken on the grill outside rather than the stove. It's summer! Why not?

+ We have been dining outdoors on our new patio furniture. We love it. Bring on the barbecues!

+ I started Crossfit again! A gym opened RIGHT by my house, so I'm taking advantage of it. I did my first workout with them last night and, true to Crossfit form, can barely walk today.

+ Also made these muffins. THEY WERE A HIT. Make them. Please?

+ We have spent lots of time in the yard trying to get our garden and other areas finished. It's been slightly enjoyable, but mostly I can't wait till it's done. :)

+ My sister showed me a ridiculously funny video that cracks me up every time. I don't know if I will be able to listen to Bon Iver with a serious face for a long time. And that's too bad, because I love Bon Iver.

+ Am feeling really grateful for all of our loving friends and family. Thank you, thank you for all the kind words and thoughts that have been extended our way. I was overwhelmed with gratitude after this last post. Thank you again.


Laura L Giddens said...

I need you to tell me about crossfit.

Ashton + Brian said...

hope you are feeling a little better! hopefully you have had a good enough week to get your feet on the ground again. you're a strong girl!

i think we will have to try that salad! we are in the market for new dinners in the scurr rotation!

Elizabeth Dance said...

So, I made this last night. It is so good! Thanks for putting this up on your blog!