Calling Your Ideas!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

When I hosted my sister's baby shower a few months ago, I moved the couch from the position it had been from day one (which was in the middle of the room) to the corner, simply to make space for the guests. Well that little move has led to a host of changes! For the better, I believe. We quickly fell in love with how open the space had become, and most of all, how we could sit on our couch and look at the river through the window. First, here is a picture from a few months ago that will give you a rough idea of how it was:

I love the furniture arrangement, but aesthetically I feel like we had everything piled in one corner and a huuuuge blank wall. I've been feeling a bit under the weather this weekend and have pretty much been camped out on that couch. Needless to say, I've been staring at this blank wall debating what to do. I've gone back and forth between keeping it the way it is (besides the art behind the TV, that obviously will move) and moving all the art around. This is where you, my lovely readers, come in. :) I need your opinions! Or ideas! Or whatever you can give me to help me make a decision! Here are some thoughts:

Move the art collage? And perhaps add a picture or two to take up more space? (more details on the gallery wall here)
Move my little frame behind the TV to the wall where the art collage is now?
How should I hide cables? A nice big basket for blankets? Plant? Magic??
... oh, and the TV stand will most definitely get replaced, as much as I love the Ikea Expedit.... I have some ideas a brewin'. 
So... What do you think? 

Before I end, I want to mention a few new additions to this room. First is that lovely striped rug. It sure is taking it's sweet time to flatten out (hence the wrinkles), but it is exactly what I was looking for. When the couch was no longer taking up the majority of the room, it looked super empty. I knew a big area rug would fix the problem. But dang, that search was hard. I didn't want just a plain rug, but I couldn't have anything too busy since you can see the wallpaper from the same view, and of course, it needed to not be a million dollars. Good ol' Crate and Barrel pulled through. It is the 8x10 Olin Grey Rug, and I fell in love with it and it's price. If we had wood floors (someday... someday...) I would probably need to get a pad as it is not super duper thick, but since it is on carpet it does the job perfectly.

And then we've got my new little side table/foot stand. What a deal this was! is based here in Salt Lake City, so one day they were having a parking lot sale. We had some family activities to attend that day, so we couldn't make it to the sale till later in the afternoon. Just as I expected, it was pretty picked over by the time we showed up, but I did find this little guy. I've been wanting something fun and decorative, yet functional. I've seen these all over Pinterest, and even thought about buying a similiar one from West Elm, but couldn't quite fork out the mula. There wasn't a price tag on this one, so when we asked the lady she looked like she was totally guessing and quoted me at $100, 70% off. Pretty good! Even though I hate negotiating prices with a passion, I threw out "how about $20?" What's the worst she's going to say? No? I bet you can guess at this point she accepted my low-ball offer and off I went! Score!

So there you have it. Questions, changes, and additions. All in one blog post. :)


Angela Joy said...

I think you should keep your view, get a new entertainment center (corner) unit, and move your collage wall. . . kind of liked we talked about. I have no doubt that whatever you do it will look great. You have the magic touch!

Jessy Carlisle said...

I like what you are doing in this post... I think your ideas are much better than anything I could come up with. You are so fab at decorating. Come visit me in Florida and decorate my house!! please!!