Goodbye Brother

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I feel like if I have actual camera pictures (gasp!), I should take advantage of them and post a mini update on our lives. When I went searching on the camera, I had 3. They were from a goodbye barbecue for my "little" brother who is spending the summer in Uganda. Crazy, right? He is working with a group down there that helps build towns by teaching business concepts (such as micro-finance) as well as good ol' fashioned physical labor. Apparently he poops in a hole and showers with a bucket. Yuuuuu-uuummy. :) 

Jace definitely has that enthusiastic view of life that is so often seen in college students. I am going to save the world! I am going to spend my summer in remote countries doing this and that! I love it. I wish I still had it, because I most definitely did. I feel like I got my full "college experience" with study abroads, internships, traveling to remote countries to help build them up, taking spontaneous weekend trips here and there, etc. And then somehow I grew up and go to work. I want that enthusiasm back. I want to do things! Go places!

Like New York City. I went when I was a younger girl with my family, but I don't remember anything really. So NYC, I'm going to make it happen. Sometime soon. Yes, yes, I know. It is not a remote country that needs any sort of "building" on my part, but it is somewhere I always say "I would love to go there" but never, ever do. So I'm going to make it happen. Oh, and Russ, you are more than welcome to join. :)


Lindsay Nielson said...

So that's cool, like really cool. :) Oh Jace!

Brianne said...

Well definitely go to NYC! That was Jeff and I's favorite trip, it even topped Europe.

Unknown said...

Meelie - when you go to NYC you can stay w/kaity and I... we'd love to have you!

(we live 1 hr north of the city;) )