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Sunday, July 15, 2012

We had a fantastic week in California over the 4th of July holiday. It was absolutely lovely! I must say getting back into "real life" was quite hard, but I guess that's the mark of a good vacation, right? 

We started the week in sunny San Diego and started the whole trip by running along the beach to one of the best doughnut shops I've ever been to. That totally makes sense, right? :) We then spent a lovely day at the beach. I'm not the biggest ocean fan, so I enjoyed my time on the sand. I got to hang with this cute kid. He pretty much melts my heart.

After San Diego we drove up to the "happiest place on earth" for a few days. Disneyland is fun, no doubt, but for some reason going with little kids really makes it magical. I think little Lucy was in constant awe for a good 24 hours. Mouth dropped and everything. (see the bottom left picture. adorable.) Oh, and by the way, Cars Land in California Adventure is awesome. Everyone needs to experience the beauty of Radiator Springs in real life.

Oh, and Benny was quite the brave little boy. He even conquered Space Mountain -- twice. What a champ. :) I sure do love that kid. 

We then drove up to the absolute gorgeous city of Santa Barbara. Holy moly, that place is amazing. Picture an ocean-side town with historic buildings complete with modern amenities and magnificent mountains overlooking the valley. It's quite breathtaking. We went to attend the Lewis family reunion in Grandma Lewis' hometown. We had such a great time with the whole family (a total of about 34 people sleeping under one roof!). It was great getting to know everyone better as I'm a relatively new member of the Lewis clan. One of the highlights of the trip was the bike ride from the top of Santa Barbara to the ocean. 

Other activities include a bonfire on the beach complete with smores and beach volleyball, an epic hike to Montecito peak, shopping on main street, 4th of July parade and fireworks, seeing the Santa Barbara sites, picking oranges off the orange tree in the backyard (best oranges ever), and lots of good food and good company. 

Thanks again to all of the Lewis clan for the good times. Can't wait till next time!

** By the way, I am posting this at 2:30 am from a hospital labor and delivery waiting room. That's right... my sister is finally having her baby! As most of you know, this day is a very long time coming. Come on Baby G!!! We are waiting for you not so very patiently! :)

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Andi Fitz said...

I can't believe your sister's baby is here! That's so awesome. What a happy day. And your 4th of July trip looked amazing! That's my kind of trip. Can't wait to see you guys and your house sometime this month!