Foggy River

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things that make me happy lately:

- Our river. Ok, it's not our river, but the view from our backyard this morning was breathtaking. I literally ran downstairs and grabbed my camera to capture that foggy river from our back patio. Fall mornings are the best, aren't they? The crisp, cool air is a welcome change from the hot summer we all experienced. It felt so good to just stop and take in a beautiful sight before the crazy hustle and bustle of a workday morning. 

- New music. Mumford & Sons, Babel, and Dave Matthews Band, Away From The World, are two newly released albums that have made me very, very happy. If you are wanting some new tunes, I highly recommend checking both of these out.

- Funny dreams. While I'm on the topic of the Dave Matthews Band, if any of you have known me for a while, you will know I'm a super-obsessed DMB fan. I'm talking SERIOUS fan-dom here. My mom has always said when you have Camille as a fan, she'll be your fan for life. Case in point, during the height of my DMB obsession, I used to have really random and funny dreams where Dave and I were best friends. He would invite me over to his house to hang out with his wife and kids, and I even babysat for him. Lucky me! I would always wake up feeling kind of like a crazy person. Well, I had another creepy fan dream last night. It must be the new album I've been listening to on repeat, but I was one of the 5 lucky fans who were selected to hang out with Dave at his house (which was also a Fieldstone Home, I must add... which is the same builder of our home, fyi). His wife, who worked at Costco, even had me take some grilled pineapple to Dave and the other fans because apparently "it's his favorite." Anyway, you can say it. I'm crazy.

- Our new maple trees. I'm loving the hint of fall colors we have in our yard.

- Lots and lots of family time. Family really is what it's all about, isn't it?

What's making you happy these days?


amanda proudfit said...

that's your backyard?? that's awesome!

Jake and Caylie said...

My husband is also a SUPER dmb fan. This reminded me of something he would say.. too funny!

Natalie said...

Your dream is what is making me happy these days. Dave's wife encouraging you to feed him grilled pineapple from Costco. I loved that dream.

Unknown said...

Love the river! This just brings me joy to see all the pics of your house and your projects. Thanks for sharing!