Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Knock knock? Is anyone still there? 

It has been over a month since my last post. Awesome. I feel like I say this a lot, but life has been absolutely insane lately. I mean really this time. Some of the responsibilities that have been consuming my life include, but are not limited to, my day job (!), my piano studio, planning a piano recital, visiting the doctor multiple times a week for IVF appointments, fighting with insurance and specialty pharmacies on a daily basis for said IVF, going by the doctor's daily to pick up the drugs that I need for IVF that the pharmacy has been resisting sending to me, planning baby showers, getting called as Young Womens' 1st counselor (to be a leader/mentor for some youth in my church), having family in town (which I LOVE, but also takes up time), holidays (which are AWESOME, but as all know can be busy), and the list could go on. But I will stop because who wants to read about someone complain?

I'm not complaining as just expressing exhaustion. On top of the "things" I had to do, I also consciously have taken a step back from blogging and "social media." I'm needing to stay positive and as stress-free as possible (ha!), and sometimes consuming your life with the seemingly "perfect" lives of those blogs you read does not help. Hence, the absence from the interweb.

But I am back to reflect a bit on these last few weeks. I know Thanksgiving came and went. There is a lot of hard things that happen in life, and I am so grateful that we are all encouraged to reflect on everything we have been given around this time of year. I was able to see both sides of my family last week as one set of Grandparents stayed at my house for a few lovely evenings and we then drove down to Richfield, UT to see my other set of Grandparents for the "big Turkey day." I spent time with my cousins from Oregon who are all so inspiring as they stand by their father, my Uncle John, who is battling his second round of brain cancer. Below is the youngest of this family, Ashley. Her smile is contagious, and you can't help but feel happy around her. I am so grateful for family members like Ashley.

My Grandma that I spent Thanksgiving with is finally doing better. She has survived breast cancer and a stroke (and 15 years of chronic pain), and was life-flighted to the ICU this summer. However, even after all of that, she was smiling and talking more than we've heard her speak for years over Thanksgiving dinner. It had been a while since we saw her smile. For that moment, I am grateful.

While in Richfield we had a friendly little Turkey Bowl. Football is not my thing, but I have to throw in that I actually caught a touchdown. I am also grateful that I surprised everyone on the field with my awesome skills. :)

I also can't stop thinking about my good friend from college who experienced a family tragedy last week. Rachelle's younger brother and sister (and her brother's fiance) were in a car crash, where her younger sister was killed instantly. Luckily her brother and his fiance are doing fine, but he will be in the hospital for a while as he recovers from a broken neck, torn lungs, and much, much more. My heart is literally aching. This beautiful little sister of Rachelle's was a freshman in college. We don't know why this had to happen to this amazing family, but I am so grateful for the plan of salvation. And for prayer. Go here for the story and here if you'd like to help the family.

As most around me know, I am a bit obsessed with my nephew. He brings all of our family so much joy. But most of all, he brings Russ and I hope. My sister experienced the pain and frustration of infertility, and witnessing the miracle of Grayson is so encouraging. There is joy to be had! I will kiss those cheeks of his any chance I get. I'd also like to think he and I have a special bond. It's been said I have a special talent for making him giggle. (score!)

(Please ignore the fact that I look like an exhausted crazy person, and focus on his unbelievably cute face. I swear that child is going to be a music prodigy.)

I still don't know how I ended up with such a patient, caring, and loving spouse. He is the most perfect husband for me, especially as we trudge through some of the not-so-fun parts of life. He makes me laugh, he is always kind, and he makes me feel loved. I am truly very, very grateful for Russ (aka Wolverine).

And finally, I am so very grateful for those special people in my life who get me through each day. I recently caught up with a long-time childhood friend (I think since 4th grade, right Rach?) and it felt so, so good. Those kind of friendships are priceless. And to the others who have been so thoughtful with their texts, calls, treats, and emails, I am grateful to you. 

Amidst all the "stuff" that happens in life, we all have so very much to be thankful for. 

And for that I am grateful.


Kat said...

i forget that you are friends with rachelle as well - what a terrible tragedy.

in other comments, i appreciate reading your blog. it's refreshing to be reminded that other people are plugging through life. one that is good, but comes with its difficulties. i think of you and russ often and your desire to start your own sweet family. much love to you, my friend.

B said...

Love you Sister. Way to stay positive in the midst of a crummy time. You are strong and good things are coming.

This is Brittney by the way :)

Natalie said...

I am thankful for you. Can't wait to see what happens to you and Russ. Can't hardly wait. Love you very much. My family scored in the daughter in-law department.

Ashton + Brian said...

IVF?! Very exciting! My mom did that, and I still remember how intense it is just from watching her however many years ago. That alone is time consuming and frustrating! You've got a lot on your plate! You're such a strong girl and I'm sure your time management will be flawless once you get through the holidays. :)

PS can I nominate someone else to throw all the baby showers for you? you must be more emotionally stable than I am, because i feel like that would add ALL sorts of stress factors...

Rachel and Jason said...

Yes! Since the 4th grade! Although, I'd say we get along better now than we do then ;) Love ya, Mill. And you said it all. So glad we had a chance to catch up. My mind keeps going back to our conversation and it gives me a good feeling. I was the "Rach" you were referring to, correct? If not, boy, my face is red.
P.S. I am dying over Baby G's cheeks. I can't even handle how cute he is! Brittney! He is SO very cute!

Hayley Marie said...

You are so amazing! I hope you get some VERY EXCITING news in the IVF department soon! I hope you are getting some time for yourself in between all of this as well :) You've got more people pulling for you guys thank you might think... praying it all goes well!