Uncle John

Monday, January 14, 2013

We took a quick trip to Eugene, Oregon this weekend to attend my Uncle John's funeral. He passed away after a valiant 7-month battle with brain cancer. He was so strong throughout this whole battle. I will truly miss Uncle John. He was the most positive, hard working, diligent and friendly guy I know. Every time I saw him he would give me a big hug and exclaim "how you doin' Millie?!" One thing everyone remembers about John was his never-ending loyalty to the Oregon Ducks. Biggest Duck fan ever

Here is Uncle John with 3 of his 6 children -- as you can see, they are all loyal duck fans as well. 

Even though we wish it would have been under happier circumstances, I absolutely loved spending time with my extended family. I love this family so much. We all have each other's backs, and I know they would literally do anything for me, and vise a versa. John's funeral service was so perfect. It was filled with happy and inspiring stories that attested to his character. There was beautiful music by his children (including the harp, flute, piano and violin). I was honored to accompany my cousin who played the violin to "I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus." The melody of this song is so beautiful, and the words truly describe the kind of life John tried to live. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room after this song. I felt John's spirit letting us know "everything is okay." Not that a premature death is any less sad, but I am still so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge we have that families are forever. What a beautiful reunion that will be someday. 

Aside from being with family, other highlights of the trip include walking Rufus (John's loyal sidekick), a big family breakfast at a local restaurant, lots and lots of Grayson time, and watching Russ get doted on by 6 little girls. :)


Jessy Carlisle said...

Cancer sucks. I am really sorry about your uncle. That stinks.

But, your hair looks fabulous. Seriously, lookin good my friend.

Brianne said...

So sorry again. I'm glad you got to see family though.

Angela Joy said...

Nice post kiddo. We are all way over brain cancer, just saying.

Rachel and Jason said...

OK. What is the deal with you guys?! Seriously. I'm so sorry. Your mom said it best. And what would we do without the gospel. I mean, really?