Island Adventure, Pt. 2

Thursday, February 21, 2013

We are soooo close to having the island done. I cannot wait. Like most large house projects, it has taken much longer than anticipated. With us both having very limited time to work on it, we are anxious to get it done. 

I am so proud of Russ. He has built this whole island pretty much by himself. (I have served as the vision planner, assistant and cheerleader :). Since my last update on the island, we have finished the following:

* sealed, stained and attached the butcher block counter top
* wired the island to have an electrical socket -- I even got electrocuted! It was weirdly painful.
* attached the woodwork/molding
* caulked and sanded
* applied the first layer of primer

And, because I know this is mostly what people care about, here are some pictures to prove it:

And here's a picture of Russ installing the island from long ago. I just like it.

Don't worry, I'll keep you updated. But hopefully (fingers crossed!) the next post will be the final reveal!


Reeve family said...

It looks so good! I am in LOVE! I am very impressed that you guys put an outlet in the island. That's not easy stuff.

Sada said...

So cool! It looks great!

Hayley Marie said...

I love this! I dream of someday having a kitchen big enough for an island but for the time being, I'm living vicariously through your adventures! It looks amazing! Can't wait to see the finished project!