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Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank you, thank you for all of the kind and supportive comments about our recent discovery! We sure are excited about having a boy and girl, even though all three options would have been equally exciting. I think all three have their fun and hard aspects, but of course we are excited for what the future holds. 

It's been a busy spring and summer (when is it not, right?!) so I thought I should do a quick update via my Instagram feed. Smart phones sure make it easy to document small moments of every day life.

Left to right:

* Sunday walks in our neighborhood with the mister. Walking is about all I can do these days -- my doctor said no to running (and similar activities) since twins can be a "high-risk pregnancy." Sigh.
* Hiking with the Young Women of our ward (church organization). Utah sure is gorgeous. 
* A glimpse of the Salt Lake City temple while I was on yet another outing with the Young Women.
* Our first baby gear purchase! It is the City Select double stroller with two car seat attachments and two toddler seats, thanks to the KSL classifieds. I love getting things half off! :)
* Our garden that Russ works so hard on is starting to bring yummy things into our house. 
* I am still obsessed with this little boy. 
* My sister-in-law, Marcella, had her fourth baby! Baby Milly joined the world on June 13th with a full head of dark hair.  She is beautiful! I also love that her name is one of the main nicknames people use for me. We already have a special bond. :)
* My half-way (for twins) baby bump documentation! It sure is weird (and amazing) watching your body grow so fast...
* I've been on a baking kick these days (which I'm sure Russ is grateful for since I took a few months off of being in the kitchen when I wasn't feeling so great earlier on). Last night I made some Blueberry Shortcakes from Martha Stewart Living. I love summer berries. And Martha.

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