New York City Pt. 2

Monday, June 17, 2013

As mentioned in the previous post, Russ had to go to New York City for work, so I tagged along! I figured the time to do this was quickly slipping from our fingers. :) I hadn't been to NYC since I was a lot younger, so I really didn't remember much at all. Holy moly that city is INTENSE, and slightly overwhelming. Everywhere you look there is something going on, and the energy is tangible. It's pretty much impossible to get bored there! I have to admit, I was ready to come home, but that is probably due largely to my current state of being. :) 

  • The National Concert
  • Fancy restaurants and yummy bakeries (two words: Levain Bakery)
  • Central Park
  • Highline Park in Brooklyn (a park on top of a railroad and overlooking Brooklyn -- gorgeous!)
  • Chelsea Market
  • Brooklyn in general - I was charmed by the less "crazy" and artistic area of Brooklyn
  • "Once" on Broadway - a fun and intimate Broadway show that was basically a Mumford & Sons concert with a story :)
  • MET Museum

Less Awesome Moments:

  • THE SUBWAY! Out of all of the public transportation systems I have experienced both in the US and Europe, the NYC Subway is by far my least favorite. Completely confusing and frustrating. The end.
  • Getting rained out on Friday, and having to walk around in it all day while Russ was working. I'm talking flash flood rain. So not cool.
  • Getting "mooooo-ed" at by an incredibly rude and most-likely drunk man. I'm not even kidding. By Saturday night my feet were swollen and I was feeling especially pregnant. We were slowly walking down the sidewalk (that was plenty wide) when I heard the man behind us start "mooooo-ing." I turned around and said "did you just MOO at me?" He was obviously surprised that I actually called him out, and muttered something about being late to his show, so I said "pass me by!!" And then because my blood was boiling and I was NOT in the mood to be compared to a cow, I pointed at my belly and loudly stated "I'M PREGNANT WITH TWINS! And you're incredibly rude!!" He and his posse just looked at me, shocked, and again just muttered something like "oh, I'm sorry... ugh... gotta go." Haha. I was in shock that someone could be so rude, but felt better that I spoke my peace. :) I hope he learned a valuable lesson that you do NOT mess with a pregnant woman walking around in NYC. 
Ok, I just had to record those memories for history's sake. How often can you say you have been "mooed" at? New York City is a city all it's own! I'm not sure I could ever live there, but it sure is fun to visit! 

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Kristy said...

HAHAHA! Favorite part was your response to the rude guy on the street! Good for you :). I'm glad you had a great time in NYC & I'm super jealous that you were there. I miss my city! And you...we should really hang out sometime!