25.5 Weeks

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oops! Another month went by. It's been a busy month full of weddings, family get-togethers, and growing. I mean literally growing. Since journaling is something I am absolutely terrible at, I thought I should be better about documenting this crazy twin pregnancy. Overall I still catch myself just staring at my belly thinking "is this really happening?" The thought that Russ and I are soon-to-be-parents of two new little people is a bit mind-boggling and overwhelming at times, but something we thank Heavenly Father for every night. This truly is a miracle and a blessing. 

I want to remember how I felt at this time, so these are merely "how I'm feeling points," so forgive me if they come off like whining. As I mentioned above, I am so incredibly grateful to even be in this situation.

* I have felt pretty "good" for the last month or so (it's all relative, right?), but I can definitely feel myself slowing down a lot this last week. Exhaustion hits fast and it hits hard lately. I'm pretty sure the babies have found a home partly in my ribs, which is just awesome. Sitting at work all day gets really uncomfortable/painful on the ribs, so laying down is always a nice treat.

* My pregnancy "vice" is definitely swollen feet and ankles (and pretty much everything else too. You know, the face, hands, limbs, etc.). Not only do I really miss seeing my ankles and my actual feet, walking becomes quite painful. The only way to describe it is little pin pricks every time I step. It started right around 18 weeks and hasn't really gone away. My doctor said it is expected to be worse (and start earlier) with multiples, which has definitely been the case.

* My doctor also restricted me from pretty much any exercising pretty early on, except for walking. But as I mentioned in my last point, walking becomes painful, so that doesn't happen often. The most I have done are some bike rides here and there. Needless to say, I cannot wait for a good hard workout sometime after these babies are out!

* I can feel the babies move all the time now! It's so fun and surreal. I'm sure it's going to get even crazier as they get bigger and there are 8 limbs pushing and squirming around. :)

* We have started accumulating random pieces of baby gear, nursery furniture, and clothes. Everything is so fun to prepare for. We still haven't bought cribs, but I'm sure once those come, nursery planning will be in full-force. Until then, nesting has kicked in and I've been cleaning and organizing closets and getting other projects done that I know will be impossible come October. We are almost done with re-doing our laundry room, which is going to make life so much easier. That's what it's all about these days.

* I am like always hungry. Early on I was ravenously hungry, but now it's like this dull hunger that never really goes away. I get full fast (probably because my stomach is all squished), but I am hungry an hour or so after a main meal. My main goal for these babies is to get them to a healthy birth-weight, so I try to not feel bad about the fact that I am
a l w a y s   e a t i n g.

* Oh, and if anyone is wondering, no names have been chosen... or even close. We should probably get on that knowing how long it takes Russ and I to make decisions. :)



You look absolutely adorable, and I seriously can't even comprehend having two in there!! You're a trooper. Hang in there!!

The Allens said...

You look so great Camille! I'm so glad I got to see you last week!

Kayla Smith said...

haha i love the comment about the food & the rib cage... it was so weird when i lost my appetite the first month after Lexi was born. It was all I had known for so long! The rib pain is no joke. It'l be nice when those two finally make their entrance & a whole new set of "issues" happen. It's awesome. Every stage has something to laugh/cry about & enjoy. Although their kicks can bother you; it's so nice to know they are alive & healthy!